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China/The Netherlands: Vote human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang for 2017 Tulip Award!

August 28, 2017

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After you have voted please make a tweet or announcement elsewhere that you have voted. We hope this will also generate attention. We recommend the following short message but feel free to write your own if you wish:
I just voted to give a #Tulip4Wang. Give #WangQuanzhang the Dutch #Humanrightstulip and tell China it’s time to set him free. Show your support and vote at:



A new torture in China

Australia: Lawyers representing asylum seekers are ‘un-Australian’: Peter Dutton

August 28, 2017

Refugees at the Manus Island regional processing centre protesting earlier this month.

Lawyers representing asylum seekers trying to stay in the country are “un-Australian”, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has declared.

Mr Dutton said the government had been frustrated by its constitutional responsibilities to asylum seekers, and lashed out at lawyers acting on behalf of those in detention.

“These lawyers have been playing the game with these people who are willing participants and we’re a generous nation, but we’re not going to be taken for a ride,” he told Alan Jones on 2GB radio on Monday.

On Sunday, Fairfax Media revealed the Turnbull government planned to end income support for up to 100 Australian-based asylum seekers and give them just three weeks to find a home, a move Opposition Leader Bill Shorten described as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s “weakest move yet”.










China/The Netherlands: Vote Wang!

August 28, 2017

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Human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who has been disappeared by the Chinese state since August 2015, has been shortlisted for the Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award. Public voting begins on 28 August and lasts until 6 September. He needs your support and your vote! https://www.humanrightstulip.nl/

https://www.humanrightstulip.nl/candidates-and-voting/wang-quanzhang (VOTING)



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人權律師#王全璋入圍享有聲望的#荷蘭#人權捍衛者鬱金香獎,我們需要你的支持! 請幫忙給一個#Tulip4Wang。

王全璋通過他的勇敢和改革創新詮釋了人權捍衛者鬱金香獎的精神。在過去十幾年,王全璋致力於發展為維權社區提供培訓,教學,協助的機構和機制,同時還在中國各地開展培訓 了幾百位律師和人權捍衛者培訓項目的NGO聯合創始人,也是在中國的少數面臨其他人不敢碰而王為了當事人的權益絕不退縮的少數律師之一,這些當事人包括#基督教領袖到 法輪功學員


(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook)

https://www.humanrightstulip.nl/candidates-and-voting/wang-quanzhang (VOTING)

Burundi: UN experts call for release of Burundi human rights defender Germain Rukuki

August 27, 2017

A group of United Nations experts* has called on the authorities in Burundi to release a human rights defender who has been detained since 13 July 2017 and faces serious charges including rebellion.

“We are concerned by the seemingly arbitrary detention of Germain Rukuki, which is evidently linked to his work in defending human rights,” the experts said.

“We are particularly dismayed by the decision of Higher Court of Ntahangwa to hold him in custody despite the lack of concrete indications of guilt, which the country’s criminal code sets as a precondition for keeping someone in preventative detention.

“We call on the Burundian authorities to release Mr. Rukuki, to guarantee his physical and psychological wellbeing, and to ensure that the proceedings against him are carried out with full respect for due process.”

Mr. Rukuki has been formally charged with attacking the internal security of the State, and with rebellion for having worked for the NGO Christian Action for the Abolition of Torture (ACAT), where he is a previous treasurer. ACAT was banned in October 2016, along with four other Burundian organizations.




https://www.fidh.org/fr/themes/defenseurs-des-droits-humains/burundi-transfert-de-m-germain-rukuki-poursuite-de-sa-detention (FRANCAIS)

https://www.fidh.org/fr/themes/defenseurs-des-droits-humains/burundi-detention-arbitraire-de-mr-germain-rukuki (FRANCAIS)