China: Incommunicado lawyer Wang Quanzhang

August 11, 2017

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Wang Quanzhang
Incommunicado since 2015
Lawyer Wang Quanzhang lost contact with friends and family in July 2015.
Please ask the Chinese authorities to:
1. Immediately stop all unwarranted interference into Wang Quanzhang and or his family members including his wife Li Wenzu’s appointment of lawyers of choice.
2. Immediately arrange for Wang’s family-appointed lawyers to meet Wang Quanzhang. Even if he has dismissed his lawyers, as the authorities have claimed, arrangements should be made immediately for his lawyers to confirm his wish in person.
In the case of Wang, the meeting is significant not only to fulfil his right of access to legal representation but also to clarify his status of well-being.
3. Wang Quanzhang should be released unless and until solid and legally admissible evidence sufficiently exists to accuse lawyer Wang Quanzhang of having committed a cognizable offence and in a criminalization process consistent with international human rights law.
4. Should Wang be indicted, a trial consistent with the international human rights law standard as fair and open should be arranged without undue delay.

(L’Observatoire IDHAE Facebook)

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