Turkey: Turkey jails 2,431 judges, prosecutors, dismisses 4,424 to date: Top Court

August 9, 2017

Turkey jails 2,431 judges, prosecutors, dismisses 4,424 to date: Top Court

The Turkish Constitutional Court rejected on July 26 an appeal by a purge-victim judge, Selçuk Özdemir, against an earlier court ruling for his arrest over alleged coup involvement.

The court members rejected Özdemir’s appeal by a unanimous vote based on the Article 100 of the Turkish Code of Criminal Procedure that says “a ground for arrest may be deemed as existing if the suspect or accused had fled, eluded or if there are specific facts which justify the suspicion that he is going to flee.”

According to the 18th and 19th paragraphs of the ruling, since July 15, 2016, a total of 4,664 judges and prosecutors have been investigated, and 2,431 of those were put in pre-trial detention by Turkish courts over alleged involvement in the attempt and membership in a “terrorist organization.”

1,311 judges and prosecutors were released pending trial after brief detention period. According to the 18th paragraph, as of July 26, six judges were under police custody.



The Dehumanization Process Continues Against State Of Emergency Decree Victims


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