Turkey: Torture Against Arrested Turkish Lawyers

August 5, 2017

Today, we publish the second torture incident (against Turkish lawyers) after our news entitled “The Scream of Tortured Turkish Lawyer.”

The Arrested Lawyers Initiative have just received a petition sent to the judicial authorities by another arrested Turkish lawyer who had been subjected to days of torture and ill-treatment by the police following his arrest.

We understand that  our fellow Turkish lawyer had surrendered to the police when he found out that a warrant for his arrest had been issued. Then what he had to suffer is something of a nightmare; he was kept in a 9m2 room with 14 (some days 18) other suspects for some twenty days where it was impossible to sit let alone sleep.

He was arrested after 30-days in police custody; in his petition to appeal against decision to arrest he gave a detailed account of torture he had to suffer at the hands of police officers during his time in custody.

We share some parts from his petition written to judicial authorities as follows:

Torture Against Arrested Turkish Lawyers




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