August 1, 2017


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At 11:00 am on 2 August 2017, at Chanasongkram police station in Bangkok— Sirikan Charoensiri or ‘Lawyer June’ is scheduled to report to be informed of her charge, for allegedly submitting a false report to the police in violation of Sections 172[1] and 174[2] of the Thai Criminal Code. The allegation followed her filing a complaint of malfeasance in office against Pol Lt Gen Chayapol Chatchayadetch and other police officers for illegally impounding her car on 27 June 2015.

On 23 July 2017, June received a summons from the Bangkok’s Chanasongkram Police Station to be charged with criminal offences related to reporting false information on 21 July 2017. However, June was only aware of the summons after the set date because the summons was sent to the address in which she does not regularly reside. June, therefore, requested with the police to reschedule the reporting date to 2 August 2017.

June was previously summoned to report for these charges on 9 February 2016. However, she could not be informed of the charges since the inquiry officer could not point out which parts of the report were allegedly false. June will face a trial in the Criminal Court if indicted.

Earlier at 9:30 am on the same day, 2 August 2017, at Dusit District Prosecutors Office in Bangkok— June is also scheduled to report to the public prosecutorJune was charged with Sections 142 and 368 of the Thai Criminal Code for concealing evidence and refusing to comply with official orders, respectively, for her refusal to let warrantless officers search her car at night on 26 – 27 June 2015. On 2 May 2017, June requested to postpone her reporting to the public prosecutor in this case. The prosecutor stated that the indictment decision was pending at the Department of Attorney-General’s Decisions (DLAG).

After her last reporting on 17 January 2017, June received a letter from the prosecutor’s office, stating that it had concluded the case and issued its decision. (Read more) However, the case had been further submitted to Police Commissioner-General (of the Royal Thai Police) for consideration. On 2 May 2017, Dusit District Prosecutor’s Office stated that the Royal Thai Police had issued the decision, and that the case file was transferred to the Department of Attorney-General’s Decisions (DLAG), pending its consideration.



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