Sudan: ‘Human Rights Violations in Sudan Continue’ – Huqooq

July 17, 2017

According to a new report of the Sudanese Rights Group Huqooq, the violations of human rights in the country remain alarming.

In its report released today [attached below] about the human rights situation in Sudan in June, Huqooq documented violations in Khartoum, White Nile state, eastern Sudan, and Darfur.

The rights violated include freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and freedom of association, the report reads.

Use of excessive force, arbitrary arrests, torture and other ill-treatment in detention were committed by members of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), the police, the public order police, and the newly formed university police.

Excessive force

In Port Sudan, policemen beat, insulted, and detained lawyer Salwa Abdelhameed on 1 June, when she visited the El Awsat police station for a follow-up concerning a client. When she protested being called ‘you woman’, policemen slapped her, “kicked her with their boots, and punched her on her face, stomach, and back, and insulted her with indecent language”. When she wanted to file a complaint, she was detained in a police cell until the next day.



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