Egypt: 2nd letter from detained lawyer Mohamed Ramadan

July 17, 2017

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The second letter to Baibars
Dear Baibars. I had previously mentioned in my first letter, I do not know what the authorities hold in store for me. I think the answer to this question is beginning to reveal itself. There is an organized plan that is steadfastly moving towards liquidating me psychologically and physically. Dear Bibars, with the approach of your fifth birthday on August 11th I was hoping I will be by your side and present you with advice as I feel that you are beginning to realize the nature of matters. I am confused, however, should I advise you to be a good person aligned to what is good, just and free and defend them to end up in jail?? Or should I advise you to be an opportunist, negative person and lose your value as a human being? Honestly this is a confusing matter. I worry about you from jail and fear you losing your humanity. My son Baibars, I cannot lie to you, prison is horrible and the only thing that makes it a little bearable is the company of criminal prisoners who have one thing in common; they are all poor. They love me and I love them. They even call me “Monsieur”. I miss you a lot and miss playing with you that annoying game, “Kasha Kombash” that I can not understand to this day. Take care of your mother and your sisters and please do not fight with your sister Mahienour over Toyour Al Gana TV channel.. be the bigger person. I love you
Your father
Mohamed Ramadan
Cell #3, Transfers prison, Alexandria Security Headquarters


Campaigning lawyer and activists targets of new crackdown in Egypt

[Solidarity campaign poster of Egyptian lawyer Mohamed Ramadan. Photo from the Egypt Solidarity Initiative Twitter page.]



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