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Turkey: L4L observed hearing in KCK-trial

July 10, 2017


On 6 July 2017, there was another hearing in Istanbul in the long-running case against 46 lawyers accused of being involved in terrorism. L4L has observed all the hearings since the beginning of the trial in 2012.

The hearing lasted only half an hour, again with new judges and a new prosecutor. Only 8 of the 46 accused lawyers were present; the others had asked for permission not to attend this hearing.

Before, the defence lawyers had requested to add additional documents to the the case file, for example the file of the judge who presided this case a long time and who is now in pre-trial detention as a suspect of terrorism himself. The court apologized that case file is still incomplete, and stated that the request to supplement the file had not been duly processed. Furthermore, these judges were appointed temporarily, one of the judges being not available, as well as the prosecutor in charge.

The case was postponed until 5 December 2017.


Turkey: GCHR stands in solidarity with rights defenders detained in Turkey and calls for their immediate release

July 10, 2017

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights (GCHR) expresses serious concern about the recent detention of human rights defenders and trainers at a workshop in Turkey on 05 July. We stand in solidarity with all human rights defenders including our colleagues and friends who were detained or otherwise affected by this crackdown in Turkey.

Eight rights defenders, including prominent members of the women’s movement, and two trainers were arrested at a digital security workshop on 05 July 2017 after Turkish police raided the Ascot hotel on the Island of Buyukada. All ten individuals were held incommunicado for over 24 hours, with later reports indicating that they were being held in five different locations.

On 06 July, the eight human rights defenders and two trainers were ordered held for seven days in pre-trial detention, the maximum period of time permitted to hold detainees without charge under the Turkish State of Emergency. Idil Eser, Director of Amnesty International Turkey, was among those detained and Amnesty International has reported that she is being investigated for “membership in a terrorist organisation.”

There is no information about the other nine detainees who include GCHR’s friend and supporter Özlem Dalkıran of the Citizens’ Assembly, as well as Nalan Erkem, a lawyer for the Citizens Assembly. The others are İlknur Üstün of the Women’s Coalition, lawyer Günal Kurşun and Veli Acu, both of Human Rights Agenda Association, Nejat Taştan of Equal Rights Watch Association, and lawyer Şeyhmuz Özbekli. The trainers are Ali Gharawi and Peter Steudtner, both IT consultants.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been arrested and detained in Turkey in the past year since a failed coup in July 2016. Over 130 journalists and media workers are currently detained in Turkey, making the country the largest jailer of journalists in the world according to press freedom groups. As well, many human rights defenders and members of civil society have also been arrested. Taner Kiliç, Chair of the Amnesty International Turkey Board, was arrested for similar charges relating to alleged “association with a terrorist organisation.”








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Egypt: Lawyer Mohamed Ramadan to remain in detention awaiting October retrial for inciting violence, due in court Tuesday over island protests

July 10, 2017

Alexandria Criminal Court adjourned the retrial of rights lawyer Mohamed Ramadan on Monday to October 10, after he was sentenced to 10 years prison in April for insulting the president, misusing social media and inciting violence. He is to remain in detention awaiting trial.

The court issued the 10-year sentence in April in Ramadan’s absence, as he was in hospital at the time, his lawyer Mahienour al-Massry told Mada Masr. He was also given an additional five years house arrest and a social media ban under Egypt’s 2015 anti-terrorism law, which includes probation measures for anyone propagating violent ideas or inciting violence via social media or though other mediums.

Ramadan was arrested in December at Montazah Police Station in Alexandria while undertaking his duties as a lawyer. The prosecution issued an arrest warrant based on a National Security Agency report, and later released him pending investigations.

He was arrested again from an Alexandria cafe on June 16 with two other men and accused of intending to protest and block the street. The prosecution ordered the detention of the three defendants, pending investigations.

Ramadan is also due to appear before Manshiya Misdemeanor Court on Tuesday in the first session of his trial in a third case, in which he has been charged, along with five other lawyers, with protesting against Egypt’s transfer of Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia in June in Manshiya.


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Turkey: 521 Turkish lawyers have been arrested since July 2016

July 9, 2017

( )

Haziran 2016 dan belli, 521 turk avukatı tutuklanmıştır.


Cameroon: Prison centrale de Yaoundé: Fontem Neba, Agbor Bala, Aboubakary Siddiki, Abdoulaye Harissou et Ahmed Abba entament une grève de la faim

le 11 juillet, 2017

Détenus à la prison centrale de Yaoundé et se considérant comme des «prisonniers politiques», ils ont entamé lundi une grève de la faim illimitée pour protester contre les mauvais traitements dont ils se disent victimes.

«Dimanche, les cellules des concernés, situées dans un bâtiment annexe dénommé Brigade mobile mixte (BMM) ayant jadis accueilli les contestataires de l’ancien régime du pays, avaient fait l’objet d’une fouille systématiquement au cours de laquelle des objets précieux des détenus ont été confisqués par la direction du pénitencier», rapporte l’Agence de presse africaine.

Dans la foulée, les cinq hommes ont été placés en cellule d’isolement et interdits de visite. Fontem Neba et Agbor Bala, deux leaders du consortium de la société civile anglophone, sont détenus depuis les violentes manifestations ayant, en fin d’année dernière, secoué les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest.

Accusés par le tribunal militaire d’actes de terrorisme, hostilité contre la patrie, sécession, révolution, insurrection, outrage au président de la République, outrage aux corps constitués et aux fonctionnaires, rébellion en groupe, guerre civile, propagation de fausses nouvelles et apologie de crimes, ils encourent la peine de mort, conformément à la loi du 23 décembre 2014 portant répression des actes de terrorisme.



http://journalducameroun.com/en/govt-tightens-security-around-agbor-balla-fontem-neba/ (ENGLISH)

Traitements cruels inhumains et dégradants pour Me Harissou, M. Aboubakar Siddiki, Me Agbor Nkongho Balla, Dr Fontem Neba, Ahmed ABBA, journaliste et


Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatments of Barrister Harissou, Mr. Aboubakar Siddiki, Barrister Agbor Nkongho Balla, Dr Fontem Neba, Ahmed ABBA and Mr (ENGLISH)

India: Seven activists from Telangana allege Chhattisgarh police fabricated a case against them

July 11, 2017

Seven activists from Telangana allege Chhattisgarh police fabricated a case against them

Six months after they were arrested by Chhattisgarh police, seven members of the Telangana Democratic Forum returned home in the first week of July. Charged under the Chhattisgarh Public Security Act for allegedly carrying demonetised notes worth Rs one lakh to aid the Maoists, their bail application was rejected three times. Finally, they secured bail on June 30 from the High Court in Bilaspur.

In a conversation on the sidelines of an event organised by the Forum in Hyderabad on July 3, Balla Ravindranath, one of the seven members, alleged both Telangana Police and Chhattisgarh police had worked in tandem to fabricate a case against them. He also recounted the harrowing experience of imprisonment in Sukma jail.

An unexpected arrest

The Telangana Democratic Forum came together in 2015 as a collective of 376 independent organizations, political parties, intellectuals and retired judges to protest against human rights violations in Telangana and neighbouring states.

On the night of December 24, seven activists of the Forum left Hyderabad to travel to Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur and Sukma districts, which share borders with Telangana’s Khamman district. The team included lawyers Balla Ravindranath and Chikkudu Prabhakar, journalist Rajendra Prasad, activists Durga Prasad, Duddu Prabhakar, Ramananda Lakshmi, and student activist Mohammad Nazeer.


China: Relatives of Jailed Chinese Lawyers Refuse Food on Crackdown Anniversary

July 10, 2017

Lawyers and journalists mark the second anniversary of the July 9 crackdown in Chongqing, July 9, 2017.

Relatives and friends of fourteen human rights lawyers jailed during a nationwide police operation targeting the legal profession since July 9, 2015 have marked the second anniversary of the crackdown with fasts and placards, although some still don’t know their loved ones’ fate.

Li Wenzu, wife of rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, who has been detained incommunicado for 725 days, said her husband is being held in an unknown location with no access to visits from family or his lawyer.

“There has been no news whatsoever. When the lawyer tries to visit him, he is unable to do so,” Li said. “Nothing has leaked to the outside world from inside, in spite of people following his case and calling for [his release].”

“All I have is a single piece of paper: his arrest notification,” she said. “The thing I worry about most is the fact that a lot of the people detained in the July 9, 2015 crackdown have been subjected to brutal torture, and I worry that the same thing has happened to Wang Quanzhang.”

Li Heping’s wife Wang Qiaoling said the relatives of the detained lawyers had been forced to form a community of their own, as they have faced continual eviction and harassment from the authorities to prevent them from speaking out.

“Two years after July 9, 2015, apart from speaking out on behalf of our husbands, we have found friendship, and our children have found friendship,” Wang said. “They have also learned a very valuable lesson about the difficulties that we face in life, and how we deal with them.”

Xie Yanyi’s wife Yuan Shanshan said many of the relatives of detained lawyers fasted on the anniversary.

“We have been fasting to mark the the anniversary of July 9,” Yuan said. “As far as I know, more than 10 people have been doing this.”

“Another way of marking it has been to hold up placards,” she said. “The authorities, basically the judicial authorities, have told lawyers and law firms not to hold any activities marking the anniversary.”




Turkey: Rachelle Cohen: Even in exile, dream of freedom endures

July 10, 2017

His email arrived on the Fourth of July — a day etched in his memory. He remembers the barbecue and the fireworks, the red, white and blueness of it all, the safety and security of it all.

But now as he sees his own country lose its once-steady grip on democracy, he remembers the true meaning of the day.

“Fourth of July, impossible for me to forget. It means independence and freedom!!!!” he writes, and in those words — and the four exclamation marks — are all the pain and all the hope.

I will call him Murat — a common enough Turkish name — although his real name and those of his family will remain sealed away in my heart.

Once he was a judge in Turkey — a rising star — sent here to improve his English and to get an advanced degree. He was doing his thesis on freedom of the press and so he visited my office on several occasions, often to meet with other international visitors and journalists.

His July Fourth note recalled the selfie we took in my office — in front of a photo of a very young me interviewing a very young U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy.

“I have it still,” he wrote.

It seems like a thousand years ago that we took that selfie. It was long before the aborted coup in Turkey just one year ago, before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began rounding up judges and prosecutors, journalists and civil servants. Before the descent into autocracy, and the chaos of lives turned upside down.


http://www.liberation.fr/planete/2017/07/10/la-turquie-depuis-la-tentative-de-coup-d-etat_1582811 (FRANCAIS)

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Egypt: 7 Lawyers on trial July 11th in Alexandria


محكمه جنح المنشية تنظر غدا قضيه محامين الاسكندرية المتهمين بالتظاهر لارساء أحكام القضاء بمصرية تيران و صنافير المتهم فيها:
محمد رمضان
أحمد أبو علم
هاني حجاج
محمد الروبي
أحمد سعيد
وليد صلاح الدين
أسماء نعيم

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قضية محامين الاسكندرية السابعة اتحجزت للحكم يوم 25 يوليو لمحمد رمضان مع استمرار حبسه و