Turkey: Human rights lawyer Eren Keskin


The Vigdis Freedom Foundation is currently working with human rights lawyer Eren Keskin, of Turkey, who has been a target in the Turkish government’s efforts to silence any social or political opposition. Eren has dedicated her life to fighting for the right to freedom of expression in Turkey, as well as dedicating herself as an ally for women survivors of sexual abuse. Eren has been a force for peace and justice in Turkey, which was officially acknowledged in 2004 when she was awarded the Aachen Peace Prize for «her courageous efforts and activities for human rights.»

Our work with Eren:

Members of the Vigdis Freedom Foundation travelled on two occasions to Istanbul to attend hearings in ongoing cases against Eren Keskin for her affiliation and work with i.a. Özgür Gündem, a nation-wide newspaper in Turkey that has been shut down after the failed coup.
Eren Keskin has approximately 100 cases against her related to her role as an editor and symbolic editor for Özgür Gündem.

On 8 December 2016 there were two hearings in Istanbul; one in the Heavy Penal Court and one in the Simple Penal Court. No decisions were rendered and a new hearing is scheduled for 16 February.
On 29 December 2016 the hearing was held in the Assize Court in Istanbul, and it was a joint hearing with nine other defendants Aslı Erdoğan, Necmiye Alpay, Inan Kizilkaya, Bilir Kaya, Filiz Kocali, Ragip Zarakolu, Bilge Contepe, Bilge Aykut and Kemal Sancil.

Please click to read the trial reports.




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