India: ‘Harassed By Muslim Hardliners,’ Muslim Lawyer Converts To Hinduism In Bihar

July 6, 2017

A Muslim lawyer in Bihar’s Begusarai district has reportedly converted to Hinduism along with his two sons.

According to reports, Mohammed Anwar, 46, alleged that his family was being forced to follow the Sharia law by Muslim hardliners and so he, along with his sons, Mohammed Amir, 11, and Mohammed Shabir, 9, decided to embrace Hinduism on Tuesday.

“I am a liberal. I used to visit temples and mosques both, but hardliners in my community objected to it,” Anwar told News18. “I was threatened for participating in events organised by Hindus.”

Anwar claimed that he then contacted members of the Bajrang Dal who told him about Hinduism. “I was convinced that Hinduism was not a religion but a way of life. So, I decided to follow their advice,” he said.

Rejecting reports of any pressure, Begusarai Superintendent of Police Ranjeet Mishra said that Anwar had taken the step of his own accord.

Bihar Muslim lawyer, sons convert to Hinduism



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