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Egypt: Letter about situation of lawyers

July 6, 2017


L4L has grave concerns about the situation of lawyers in Egypt. Recently, several lawyers were arrested. L4L has sent a letter to the Egyptian authorities to express concerns, and call for the release of these lawyers.

On 23 May 2017,  Khaled Ali, a prominent human rights lawyer and a former presidential candidate, was summoned for questioning and detained, and the day after released on bail. According to his lawyer Negad el Borai, Khaled Ali is charged with making physical gestures “that violate public morals”. The charge relates to a photo showing Khalid Ali celebrating with his supporters outside the Supreme Administrative Court, after a judgement was issued reversing a government decision to hand over control of the Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia. Khaled Ali denies the charges. If convicted he would not only face a prison sentence or a fine, but would be barred from running for the presidency. A hearing in the trial against him took place on 3 July 2017.

Another lawyer was arrested in connection to protests over the transfer of Tiran and Sanafir islands to Saudi Arabia. Human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein was arrested on 17 June 2017. Police officers also confiscated his laptop and cell phone. During his arrest Tarek Hussein requested to see the arrest warrant but was not shown any and was physically and verbally assaulted instead. He was subsequently brought before the Al-Khanka District Prosecution, where he was accused of “joining an illegal organisation” and “calling for a protest”. On 18 June 2017 the Al-Khanka District Prosecution ordered Tarek Hussein’s release on a 2000 EGP (approx. 99 euros) bail, which has been duly paid. However, we were informed that Tarek Hussein was not released. In addition, allegations of ill-treatment including physical and verbal assault were reported.

Mohamed Ramadan is an independent human rights lawyer providing legal assistance to, among others, human rights defenders and political prisoners.


Nepal: The Law Society of Upper Canada expresses grave concern about the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Sushila Karki in Nepal

July 5, 2017

The Law Society of Upper Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada expresses grave concern about the impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Sushila Karki in Nepal.

Sushila Karki is the first female Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nepal. She is known for her zero-tolerance stance on corruption in the judiciary and has been instrumental in a number of high-profile and politically sensitive decisions. Recent rulings by the Supreme Court, with Sushila Karki as its Chief Justice, have been critical in advancing human rights in Nepal, assisting victims seeking justice for the crimes and serious human rights violations committed against them.

It has come to the Law Society’s attention that on April 30, 2017, the two main parties in the ruling coalition government brought an impeachment motion against Chief Justice Sushila Karki, resulting in her automatic suspension. The motion, which came on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Nepalese government’s choice for Chief of Police, accuses the Chief Justice of delivering biased verdicts, interfering in the executive’s jurisdiction, breaching the principle of separation of powers, influencing her fellow justices, and failing to fulfill her judicial duties.

On May 5, 2017, the Supreme Court issued an interim order directing Parliament to halt impeachment proceedings against Chief Justice Sushila Karki and to allow her to return to her duties. In making the order, the Supreme Court opined that the allegations against the Chief Justice were baseless and that the commencement of impeachment proceedings against her would be at odds with the spirit of Nepal’s Constitution. Relatedly, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has stated that “the attempt to remove [Chief Justice Sushila Karki] gives rise to serious concerns about the Government [of Nepal]’s commitment to transitional justice and the rule of law”.


http://www.lsuc.on.ca/newsarchives.aspx?id=2147485737&cid=2147504000 (FRANCAIS)

Tajikistan: The Law Society of Upper Canada expresses grave concern about the travel ban against lawyer Fayzinisso Vohidova in Tajikistan

July 5, 2017

The Law Society of Upper Canada

The Law Society of Upper Canada expresses grave concern about the travel ban against lawyer Fayzinisso Vohidova in Tajikistan.

Fayzinisso Vohidova is a Khujand-based lawyer known for her human rights and criminal defence work in politically sensitive cases. As a result of her professional activities, she has long been the target of government harassment. Since July 2015, she has endured surveillance and intimidation. In early 2016, she received credible information that law enforcement officials had initiated a criminal investigation against her.

More recently, on May 14, 2017, border guards with the State Committee on State Security prevented Fayzinisso Vohidova from traveling to Kyrgyzstan. They detained her for eight hours, stating that there was a “defect” in her passport and that she “had no right to leave Tajikistan”. Eventually, the border guards conceded that Fayzinisso Vohidova had been placed on a list of individuals banned from leaving the country. Arbitrary bans on travel violate article 12(2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which guarantees every individual the right to leave any country, including his or her own. Tajikistan became a party to the ICCPR in 1999.

Reports further indicate that in the weeks that preceded the above-mentioned incident, Fayzinisso Vohidova had been interrogated multiple times by Tajik security services. Human rights organizations believe that these latest acts of harassment against Fayzinisso Vohidova are related to the critical remarks she made about the imprisonment of two Tajik human rights lawyers, Buzurgmehr Yorov and Nuriddin Makhkamov. In April 2017, she had publicly appealed to President Emomali Rahmon through social media, criticizing the government’s imprisonment of Yorov and Makhkamov, both of whom were convicted and sentenced in October 2016 following a prosecution and trial that appeared to be politically motivated. The Law Society intervened on behalf of Buzurgmehr Yorov in February 2016 and January 2017, and on behalf of Nuriddin Makhkamov in January 2017.





Click to access EN_HRL_20170809_Tajikistan_Concerns-regarding-the-travel-ban-against-lawyer-Fayzinisso-Vohidova.pdf

http://www.lsuc.on.ca/newsarchives.aspx?id=2147485737&cid=2147504001&langtype=1036 (FRANCAIS)

http://www.lsuc.on.ca/newsarchives.aspx?id=2147485737&cid=2147503997&langtype=1036 (FRANCAIS)

http://www.lsuc.on.ca/newsarchives.aspx?id=2147485737&cid=2147503996&langtype=1036 (FRANCAIS)

Colombia: Nuevas amenazas de muerte de grupo paramilitar contra integrantes de movimientos sociales en Bogotá


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COL 004 0717 / OBS 077


El Observatorio para la Protección de los Defensores de Derechos Humanos, programa conjunto de la Organización Mundial Contra la Tortura (OMCT) y de la FIDH, solicita su intervención urgente ante la siguiente situación en Colombia.

Descripción de la situación

El Observatorio ha recibido con seria preocupación información de fuentes fidedignas sobre nuevas amenazas de muerte contra integrantes de movimientos sociales, incluyendo varias personas defensoras de derechos humanos entre quienes se encuentran la Sra. Piedad Córdoba, ex congresista e integrante de Marcha Patriótica, la Sra. Mónica Duarte de la Fundación Progresar, la Sra. Dolores Mojica y el Sr. Antonio Madariaga, representantes de Viva la Ciudadanía y, en el caso de la Sra. Mojica, de la Mesa Autónoma Nacional de Organizaciones de Victimas del Distrito Capital, la Sra. Gloria Duarte del Colectivo de Abogados “José Alvear Restrepo” (CAJAR) y la Sra. Rose Hernández, lideresa local que trabaja con víctimas en Córdoba en cuestiones como la restitución de tierras.

Según la información recibida el día 22 de junio, un grupo de paramilitares autodenominado como Bloque Capital D.C. de Las Águilas Negras han enviado por correo electrónico a diferentes lideres y lideresas sociales en la capital un panfleto amenazador que llevaba como título “Muerte a las perras”, Bogotá.

Comienza diciendo que saben “donde estan ubicadas malditas perras sapas del gobierno gonorreas las vamos a matar por sapas y por andar de meditas donde no deben sapas hp luchando por los derechos de la mujer que mierda son si lo unico que son es sirvientes de nosotros aver si se van a hacer oficio de la casa malparidas (sic)”.

El Observatorio recuerda que no se trata de hechos aislados y que deberían tratarse como amenazas creíbles teniendo en cuenta el contexto de una multiplicación de ataques contra defensores y defensoras de derechos humanos en Colombia que incluye asesinatos,  amenazas, detenciones arbitrarias, uso excesivo de la fuerza por parte de los cuerpos de seguridad y casos de criminalización, como lo han constatado sendas misiones de la FIDH así como de la OMCT (en el marco de la Coalición Colombiana Contra la Tortura de la que forma parte) en mayo y principios de julio de este año, respectivamente.


(Piedad Córdoba, of Marcha Patriótica, Mónica Duarte of Fundación Progresar Cúcuta – Página Oficial, Dolores Mojica and Antonio Madariaga, of Viva la Ciudadania, Ms. Mojica of the Mesa Autónoma Nacional de Organizaciones de Victimas del Distrito Capital, lawyer Gloria Duarte of Colectivo de Abogados “José Alvear Restrepo” (CAJAR) and Rose Hernández, a local leader in Córdoba working on land rights, have been threatened via email by a paramilitary group.)

Turkey: Trial of human rights lawyer Selahattin Demirtas July 7 in Ankara


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Selahattin Demirtaş, yarın (7 Temmuz Cuma) saat 10:00’da Ankara 35. Asliye Ceza Mahkemesinde görülecek duruşmaya bizzat katılacak.

After 8 months Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş will attend a hearing in person.

The third hearing of the lawsuit against our Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş will be held on 7 July (TOMORROW) in Ankara.

Mr. Demirtaş is being tried on charge of “public humiliation of the Turkish government, the judiciary, the military or law enforcement agency”. The charge is based on one of his social media sharing.

The following phrases are included in aforementioned social media sharing: “All armies are desperate against the people. The army of Tayyip Erdoğan’s palace has been already defeated, they will be defeated again”.

Ms Demirtaş will attend the hearing in person.

Date: 7 July 2017, Friday
Time: 10.00 a.m.
Place: Ankara 35th Penal Court of First Instance (Ankara 35. Asliye Ceza Mah.)


(Halkların Demokratik Partisi – HDP Facebook)

http://gazetekarinca.com/2017/07/demirtas-ilk-kez-hakim-karsisina-cikacak/ (TURKCE)




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Our Co-chair Mr Selahattin Demirtaş refused to come to the Ankara Court House because he objected to being handcuffed (while being brought to court).

(Peoples’ Democratic Party – HDP Facebook, July 7, 2017)



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#SelahattinDemirtaş, co-chair of Turkey’s 3rd largest political party, is in 245th day under arrest. #Turkey

 (Turkey Purge Facebook)

China: Announcing the Inaugural China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day

July 4, 2017

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China’s human rights lawyers have since 2003 become one of the most active and effective forces in the country advancing the ideals of universal values, because of their unique role and professional positions. Their work defending the civil rights and liberties of Chinese citizens extends from the internet to the streets, from courtrooms to jails. They’ve fought hard to promote the rule of law and democracy in China.

As prominent representatives of Chinese lawyers, human rights lawyers have been the target of the Chinese government’s persecution since the beginning of the rights defense movement. They’ve had their licenses to practice law revoked, they’ve been followed, threatened, publicly slandered by state media, abducted, disappeared, sent to forced labor camps, imprisoned for lengthy periods, and tortured. Persecution has become commonplace.

The persecution of rights lawyers in China reached its peak on July 9, 2015, when hundreds were detained and interrogated; the crackdown is now known as the “709 Incident.” The barbarism, cruelty, and absurdity with which the Chinese Communist Party began persecuting 709 lawyers and activists, and the torture and humiliation they suffered, has shocked the world. The 709 lawyers’ own defense attorneys and supporters have put up courageous resistance. The unyielding support and advocacy by the wives of human rights lawyers, through smiles and tears, have become iconic images.

The 709 Incident isn’t over, yet it has already left a profound mark on the development of Chinese civilization. It’s far reaching political and historical significance will become clearer in time.

The date of July 9 must become one that we remember and mark from now on. For this reason, we call for the establishment of July 9 as “China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day.” To inaugurate the occasion we will hold an event in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the bravery, wisdom, and will to resist exhibited by human rights lawyers in China. We’ll recall their suffering and sacrifices, demand accountability for the crimes committed against them, whether by the regime or individuals, and call for the international community to continue monitoring their plight and advocating on their behalf.

Announcing the Inaugural China Human Rights Lawyers’ Day




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– 很多路也走不通就做法治的馬前卒

– 反酷刑 爭法治 法律是我們唯一武器

– 《709 人們》放映會 – 反抗是種本能


Egypt: #الحرية_للطارق_حسين


20 يوم من التنكيل بالمحامي طارق حسين بالرغم من قرار إخلاء سبيلة ودفع الكفالة المقررة
ثلاثة أيام على اختفائه أثناء ترحيله من قسم شرطة عين شمس لنيابة الجيزة
ادعم حق طارق حسين في الحصول على حريته

(Imprisoned human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein has still not been physically released, although he was legally released 20 days ago and bail was paid.)