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France: Une avocate niçoise qui défend les réfugiés menacée par un corbeau

le 27 juin, 2017

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Il est hors de question qu’elle se laisse “intimider”. Maître Mireille Damiano, l’avocate niçoise de l’association de Cédric Herrou, Roya citoyenne, relativise: “Ça ne va pas m’arrêter, bien au contraire. Je vais continuer de plus belle.”

Lundi matin, la représentante du syndicat des avocats de France, le SAF, a reçu par courrier une lettre. Anonyme, bien sûr…


Une vieille enveloppe écrite en allemand et à l’intérieur une photo de pendus avec un écriteau: “J’ai accueilli un migrant”.

Puis un autre montage: un tract détourné de la résistance contre le régime de Vichy, “où qu’ils soient, quoi qu’ils fassent, les traîtres seront châtiés”.

Avec en préambule, ajouté par le corbeau, “le vent tourne et telle qui se croit dans son bon droit risque de connaître un réveil douloureux.”

Un message clair à l’encontre de cette avocate qui se fait la parole des migrants, mineurs notamment.

Alors, même si elle assure que les menaces ne l’atteignent pas, Mireille Damiano va “déposer plainte malgré tout”.



http://www.sanremonews.it/2017/06/28/leggi-notizia/argomenti/cronaca/articolo/migranti-e-richieste-di-asilo-minacciato-di-morte-via-posta-lavvocato-di-cedric-herrou.html (ITALIANO)

https://www.riviera24.it/2017/06/nizza-minacce-di-morte-allavvocato-che-difende-i-migranti-258541/ (ITALIANO)

http://www.meltingpot.org/Da-Ventimiglia-a-Calais-l-armata-delle-ombre.html#.WVkt24jyjIU (ITALIANO)

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Egypt: Khaled Ali, un avocat égyptien confronté à la justice d’Al Sissi

le 29 juin, 2017

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L’opposant égyptien Khaled Ali se retrouve sur le banc des accusés. Le 3 juillet, une cour pénale du Caire pourrait condamner cet avocat et activiste de 45 ans pour « atteinte à la décence publique ». Les autorités lui reprochent d’avoir fait un doigt d’honneur en sortant de l’audience de la Cour suprême administrative en janvier 2017, lorsque celle-ci lui donna raison en invalidant la rétrocession des îles Tiran et Sanafir à l’Arabie Saoudite,



http://www.foreignbrief.com/daily-news/prominent-egyptian-opposition-figure-khaled-ali-trial-indecent-act (ENGLISH)

https://www.diariopuntual.com/mundo/2017/07/01/56663 (ESPANOL)

Egypt: Imprisoned lawyer Mohamed Ramadan’s first letter from prison

June 29, 2017

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رسالة محمد رمضان الاولى من محبسه
عزيزي بيبرس
معلهش انى مالحقتش اجيبلك لعبة سوبر مان اللي انت طلبتها مني بس ان شاء الله اجيبهالك ممكن بعد ايام او بعد سنين بيني وبينكً مش عارف مخبيين لابوك ايه
انا عرفت من امك انها قدمتلك في المدرسة وعرفت كمان انها وهي بتقدم طلبوا حضوري وهي قالتلهم اني مسافر مع اني كان نفسي تقولهم ان جوزي مسجون ، انا بقى عايزك انت لما تدخل المدرسة ويسألوك فين ابوك قوللهم (ابويا مسجون ) ولو سألوك مسجون ليه قولهم :
علشان كان بيحلم … بيحلم بوطن افضل، قوللهم كمان ابويا مسجون عشان فقير وكان بينحاز للفقير ، وقوللهم انه حاول يواجه بس الكلاب كانوا كتير ، وان ابوك مش مجرم وان المجرم هو اللي حبسه ، كلمهم عن الثورة وازاي ان اللي خلقها شباب جميل عنيد بس ناقصهم شوية تنظيم وناقصهم يعرفوا ان نظام عبد الفتاح السيسي هو نظام الثورة المضادة وانه نظام شرس لازم يتواجه بالتكتيك مش بالعواطف وان المظاهرات مش هدف انما هي وسيلة لتحقيق هدف نجاح الثورة ،كان فيه وسائل وأليات تانية كتير زي اننا نقسم نفسنا مجموعات تحرك قطاعات الشعب على الاضراب العام .
بس اوعدني ان لو دة حصل انك تكون اول واحد مشارك في الاضراب وتقول لامك انك مش نازل المدرسة يوم الاضراب
المهم اني مش هطول عليك خلي بالك من امك واخواتك البنات وتبقى تروح تبص على جدتك باستمرار ،انا عارف انها محتاجالك اوي اليومين دول عشان انت بتفكرها ب بابا
ابوك اللي بيحبك اوي
محمد رمضان
الخميس ٢٩/٦/٢٠١٧
حجز ترحيلات مديرية امن الاسكندرية
Mohamed Ramadan’s First Letter from his Detention Place
Dear Baibars,
Sorry I didn’t have time to get you the Superman toy as you requested. I will get it, God willing, in a matter of days or may be years I don’t know yet. Entre nous, I don’t know what they are cooking for your Dad.
Your Mum said she has applied for school for you. She also said when they asked about the father she told them I was out of town. I wished she had told them my husband is imprisoned.
When asked, I want you to tell them my Dad is imprisoned. If they ask for the reason tell them my Dad is imprisoned for daring to dream of a better country, for being poor and standing with the poor people. Tell them he sought to confront, but they were too many. Tell them my Dad is no criminal; the criminal is the one who put him in prison.
Talk to them about the Revolution, how it was introduced by beautiful youth who only lack some organization, knowing for fact that the regime of Abd El-Fattah El-Sissi is the counter-revolution regime, and that it is a mighty one that needs strategy not just emotions to fight. Tell them demonstrations are not the end but only the means to a successful revolution. There are several other tools and tactics such as dividing ourselves in groups to reach out to people about a general strike. But promise me if this is to happen you would be the first to participate, and tell your Mum you are not attending school on that day.
I won’t be long. Take care of your Mum and sisters, and go visit your grandma regularly. I know she will need to see you a lot these days because you will remind her of her own son.
Your Loving Father,
Mohamed Ramadan
Thursday 29 June 2017
Security Directorate of Alexandria



Kenya: Kenyans march to demand justice for murdered lawyer

June 30, 2017

Keyan Right Activists

Rights activists have marched through Kenya’s capital Nairobi to demand justice for Willie Kimani who was brutally murdered last year alongside his client and driver.

The incident put the police on the spot over extra-judicial killings and five policemen have been charged with murder.

The protestors from the rights group International Justice Mission (IJM) took a petition against extra-judicial killings to the office of the Inspector General of police and the president’s office.

Mr Kimani’s client had filed a complaint against a police officer. The three men were reportedly kidnapped after a court appearance in June last year.

Tortured bodies of the three men were later recovered from Ol Donyo Sabuk river in central Kenya a week after they were reported missing.

A plaque to honour Mr Kimani as a fallen hero of justice was also unveiled at the Supreme Court museum:



China: Confined Shanghai Lawyer Suffers Abuse After Exposing ‘Shanghai Gang’

June 27, 2017

Zheng Enchong, a Shanghai-based human rights lawyer. (Epoch Times)

Zheng Enchong, a Shanghai-based human rights lawyer, has been under house arrest for over a decade. Local security forces have frequently harassed and abused him during his confinement.

But early last year, Zheng, 67, found the restrictions gradually relaxed after he revealed sensitive information about various top members of a powerful Shanghai political clique to The Epoch Times.

In July 2016, the Shanghai authorities tried to buy Zheng’s silence by sending him and his wife on a staycation at a luxury villa. The security detail assigned to the Zhengs was reduced, their curfew was removed, and the police stopped tailing the Zhengs wherever they went. On Christmas day, security agents allowed Zheng, a Christian, to attend church services and other Christmas festivities.

This June, however, the Shanghai authorities reverted to repression.

In the morning of June 2, Chinese internal security agents Shi Jinrong and Zhang Xiaomin barged into Zheng’s apartment and warned him against giving interviews, supposedly because the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre (June 4) was coming up.





The Philippines: Duterte: For every addict slain, an innocent dies, too

July 2, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte again slammed human rights advocates for defending criminals, but the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) reiterated its mandate as “the conscience of the government.”

Speaking at the 50th founding anniversary of Davao del Norte, Mr. Duterte rebuked human rights lawyers for defending criminals at the expense of victims.

“Most of the time, these human rights [lawyers] defend criminals. They don’t have clients who are not criminals,” Mr. Duterte said.

He said they did not even express sympathy for the victims or condemnation of the crime, citing the killing of the Carlos family in San Jose del Monte City in Bulacan on Tuesday.

“Every day there is an addict killed, there is also an innocent person who is held up [or] killed,” the President said. “And these idiots just [turn] a blind eye. The jerks don’t care.”


Cameroon: Le magistrat Paul Ayah Abine détenu au Secrétariat d’Etat à la défense, victime d’une attaque cardiaque

le 30 juin, 2017

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Le magistrat Paul Ayah Abine détenu au Secrétariat d’Etat à la défense, victime d’une attaque cardiaque

C’est à l’hôpital central de Yaoundé qu’il a été transféré de toute urgence.

Dans son édition du 30 juin 2017 le Quotidien Emergence rapporte que l’état de santé du magistrat Paul Ayah Abine s’est dégradé le 29 juin 2017. Et ce de façon subite. Le journal dit qu’il a été transporté à l’hôpital central de Yaoundé. Son fils Ayah Ayah porte-parole de la famille raconte «alors que je me trouvais au bureau, on m’a appelé de venir prendre mon père pour l’amener à l’hôpital, parce qu’il ne se sent pas bien. Le gendarme qui m’a appelé a dit qu’il tremblait même». C’est donc à bord d’une ambulance que le magistrat détenu depuis le mois de janvier 2017 au Secrétariat d’Etat à la défense (Sed) dans le cadre de la crise anglophone, a été conduit à l’hôpital. Son cardiologue n’étant pas là, il a été confié aux soins d’autres médecins des urgences de l’hôpital central.

Le journal rapporte que d’après son fils la dégradation de son état de santé a un rapport avec son cœur et sa tension artérielle. «J’ai pu causer avec lui pendant quelques minutes, avant qu’on ne nous demande d’évacuer. Même ma mère n’a pas pu s’approcher de lui», déclare Ayah Ayah. Toutefois le quotidien souligne qu’il a pu apprendre que l’état de santé du magistrat a pu être stabilisé «et qu’il est désormais hors de danger même s’il demeure sous surveillance». Il faut dire que les conseils du magistrat détenu avaient introduit un recours en habeas corpus devant les juridictions. Mais ledit recours n’a jamais abouti. Lors du récent Conseil supérieur de magistrature convoquée par Paul Biya le Président de la République, il a plutôt été admis à faire valoir ses droits à la retraite.



http://journalducameroun.com/en/justice-ayah-paul-rushed-hospital-prison/ (ENGLISH)

http://cameroon.africametros.com/2017/07/cameroon-keeps-anglophone-leaders-in.html (ENGLISH)

https://www.gofundme.com/defense-funds-forjustice-paul-ayah (ENGLISH)

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USA: Christian Man Stands Behind Facebook Attack On Lawyer (Video)

June 26, 2017

Facebook Thumb Down

A self-identified Christian man, Lou Cobb, is standing by his Facebook attack against Monica Miller, a lawyer with the American Humanist Association (video below).

Miller successfully argued in court that a giant cross that sits in a public park in Pensacola, Florida, must be removed because it is on government property, noted NWFDailyNews.com.

In response, Cobb took to Facebook to post screenshots of Miller’s face and her work phone number with a caption: “Here is the idiot attorney that fought for removal of cross in Pensacola. Lets make her famous an run her out of town!”

The angry post about Miller was shared over 40,000 times as of June 26.

Cobb recently defended his social media attack on Miller during an interview with WEAR. “I never once insinuated hate or harm,” he stated.



Burma: U Ko Ni murder trial to begin without chief suspect

June 26, 2017

Image result for Aung Win Khaing.

The Yangon North District Court has announced that the trials of four suspects in the murder of lawyer U Ko Ni will begin without Aung Win Khaing, who is believed to be the mastermind behind the alleged assassination.

Prosecutor U Kay La told Eleven after the last hearing on Friday that although Myanmar has enlisted the help of Interpol and Asean, Aung Win Khaing remains a fugitive. Some reports claim that the ringleader is hiding near Naypyidaw.

The prosecution intends to call as many as 80 witnesses during the trial, but U Kay La has said the most important factor in the case will be whether the authorities can get their hands on Aung Win Khaing.

U Nay La recently told Frontier that he believes authorities should focus on identifying a driver who allegedly drover Aung Win Khaing to Naypyidaw the day after the murder.

The other suspects in the case are Kyi Lin, Aung Win Zaw, Zeyar Phyo, Aung Win Tun.

Kyi Lin shot U Ko Ni at close range on January 29, shortly after the lawyer arrived in Yangon from a trip to Indonesia as part of a delegation led by Myanmar’s minister of information.

U Ko Ni died on the spot, and a taxi driver named Nay Win was also shot and killed while trying to apprehend Kyi Lin.



Israel/Palestine: Group calls for Muhammad Allan’s release on 20th day of hunger strike

June 28, 2017

As Muhammad Allan entered his 20th day on hunger strike in Israeli custody on Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Center for Studies called on Palestinians and international groups to do more to support the Palestinian prisoner.

The head of the center, Rafaat Hamdouna, called for humanitarian organizations, Palestinian factions, and media to increase pressure on Israel to obtain Allan’s release.
Allan, a lawyer from the Nablus-area village of Einabus in the northern occupied West Bank, had been released from prison in November 2015 after a year-long stint in administrative detention — Israel’s widely condemned policy of internment without charge or trial — during which time he carried out a grueling 66-day hunger strike in protest of his detention.
However, Allan was redetained by Israeli forces on June 8 and began his hunger strike that same day.
An Israeli military court charged Allan with “incitement” on social media, prompting his father to say at the time that Israeli forces “have been after his son to detain him and take revenge on him since the day he was released last year from administrative detention.”