Sri Lanka: Well-known Lawyer Lakshan Dias Flees Sri Lanka After Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe Threatens to Take Action in Two Days..

June 24, 2017

I was quite surprised to read the article by DBSJ about Chistian Bashing !

I know many Christians and  Muslims who live in Harmony in Sri Lanka.

I also followed the reaction from the minister where he stated that this lawyer should be struck off from the registry lawyers for making such statements

Then the news item says that THE LAWYER  has fled the country .

NGO’s who fund such scrupulous Human Right Lawyers may have promised him political refugee status in a western country?

Let him run away

We will find a way out to create a society with harmony among all like in Singapore .

This is why I keep advocating that we need the President to be firm in these instances and use his executive powers to stop these nonsense

If a minister is misbehaving like the ones in Wilpattu creating an impression among majority that his actions tantamount to religious –expansion ,he should also be kicked out .


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