Egypt: “Released” human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein still in detention, in a Kafkaesque maze

June 20, 2017

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Latest news on Tarek Hussien:
He’s been dragged since 6:00am this morning from one police station to the other and lawyers haven’t been informed so they have been running around trying to follow him and they haven’t been able to see him till this minute! The weather is unbearable and he’s been vomiting blood:(
This has to end today! They are claiming Tarek was falsely accused for 11 charges, one of them is claiming he was married in 1990 and stole from his “wife”..Tarek is 24 years old!! You do the math!!
منقول من سامية چاهين..
اخر ما وصلنا:
طارق لف النهارده لفة رهيبة من الساعة ٦ الصبح بيتمرمط من الخانكة ودوه بنها لأبو زعبل لقسم الخليفة ولسه حينقلوه تاني لقسم عين شمس او السلام مش متأكدين. ويا عالم بكرة فين. طارق تعبان جدا ورجع الصبح دم. انتم عايزين ايه بالضبط؟؟ مش هاين عليكم تخلوا سبيله قبل ما تعيوه؟؟؟
ومش مديين فرصة للمحامين يلحقوه في اي مكان. كل شوية يرحلوه عشان ما حدش من المحامين يشوفه.


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