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Bangladesh: Legal notice served for Sultana Kamal’s arrest

June 18, 2017

Legal notice served for Sultana Kamal’s arrest

Advocate Zulfikar Ali Zunu said Sultana has hurt Muslims with her “derogatory and irresponsible comments”

A Supreme Court lawyer on Sunday served a legal notice seeking arrest of prominent human rights activist and former advisor to the caretaker government Sultana Kamal within seven days for hurting religious sentiments of the Muslim majority in the country.

Advocate Zulfikar Ali Zunu served the notice to the inspector general of police (IGP) and the chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) saying Sultana has hurt Muslims with her “derogatory and irresponsible” comments, reports the Bangla Tribune.

According to the notice, the lawyer came to know that Sultana made “irresponsible” comments on the Muslims and Islam in spite of being an eminent person through social media and television. Her comments hurt the majority Muslims of Bangladesh and their faith.

The lawyer also said he served the notice on behalf of millions of Muslims of the country and requested the court to order law enforcement agencies to arrest Sultana Kamal within seven days.

Zunu also said that he took the step as a practicing Muslim and a lawyer of the highest court of the country.


Egypt: Human Rights Lawyer Tarek Hussein “released”

June 18, 2017

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Human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein, who was arrested by police on June 17 and taken to an undisclosed destination, was ordered released on June 18, 2017 on a 2,000 EGP bail.



https://www.agenzianova.com/a/59468b77b55b11.45088189/1589072/2017-06-18/egitto-proteste-tiran-e-sanafir-14-manifestanti-rilasciati-su-cauzione (ITALIANO)

UPDATE: June 19, 2017

Once again I ask my non-Arabic speaking friends for support for my son and friend Tarek Hussien..unfortunately the Egyptian authorities have not released Tarek till now!
His bail was paid but they are keeping him locked till this minute with another 50 people in a tiny room in a very hot country like Egypt..he wasn’t allowed and food or a change of clothes for the past 48 hours!
Please talk about Tarek Hussien and all the political prisoners in Egypt don’t belittle a post on FB or a tweet in Twitter it might save one person’s life..
Tarek is a human rights lawyer his place is in courts defending others not in jail!
Thank you once again..

منقول من محمود أخو طارق ..

طيب للي يهمه الأمر بخصوص طارق

انا مش عارف أعمل إيه بقالي ثلاث ساعات واقف علي رجلي وف الشمس علشان اقدر ادخل لطارق اكل ولبس علشان بقاله يومين بلبسه وبدون اكل ، و مأمور قسم الخانكة قالي تعالي قبل المغرب ب ١٠ دقائق علشان ندخل لك الاكل ولما روحت له ف الوقت ده رفض يدخلوا الاكل والبس برضوا .

سألت ع الخروج قالوا بردوا منعرفش حاجه ده امن دولةرغم إننا دفعنا الكفاله من اربع ساعات ، كلمت كل اللي ممكن نكلمه وبردوا محصلش اي حاجه وانا مش عارف اعمل ايه وعندي إحساس رهيب بالقهر والعجز وانا شايف اخويا بيتنكل بيه كدا قدامي .

وانا بقول لطارق انت اخدت إخلاء سبيل قالي انا جعان ياعم بقالي يومين مكلتش ومش بنام قاعد لأني واقف علشان العدد ف الاوضه كبير ٨٠ واحد معاه .

وقالي اعمل اي حاجه لو حقعد ساعة ساعة كمان زيادة هنا أعمل اي حاجه انا بموت بموت كلم اي حد اعمل اي حاجه المهم اتنقل من المكان ده .

أنا معرفش اعمل ايه وحولت اعمل كل حاجه لكني عاجز عن اني اعمل شئ بس قادر اتكلم عنه يمكن يخرجوا ويبات معانا النهاردة وياكل ويشرب معانا

أرجوكم إدعوا له واتكلموا عنه معايا وانا حصبر نفسي ب جملة ربنا غالب اللي علمهالي طارق
#الحرية_لاخويا .


“Tarek was beaten by the police after they took him back to his jail cell where he had been staying with another 80 people! A tiny place in 40+ degrees Celsius with 80 human beings!
In almost 3 days he’s been given a piece of bread with a piece of cheese!
Tarek was supposedly granted bail yesterday and the full amount was paid but he wasn’t released..
Today he was dragged back to court for another case that his lawyers had no idea existed!!”

(Facebook, June 19, 2017)


Nigeria: CLO Seek Release of Legal Practitioner from Police Cell in A’Ibom

June 17, 2017

The civil liberty organization in Akwa Ibom has called on the state commissioner of Police Mr. Donald Awunah to obey the order of a Federal High Court sitting in Uyo and ensure the release of one Augustine Edet, a legal practitioner who was arrested by the Akwa Ibom Police Command on June 12.

The release order was issued by Justice Futun Riman on Friday after entertaining the case brought before him by Barr Clifford Thomas, Counsel to the detained lawyer.

Speaking to newsmen, Barr Clifford Thomas explained that the police had  on June 12 visited Edet’s chamber along Ikot Ekpene road in Uyo and handcuffed him without any warrant.

Thomas, who is also the Chairman, Civil Liberty Organization (CLO), Akwa Ibom State chapter said the police that came to the plaintiff’s chamber claimed they were acting on instructions humiliated him without explanation.

He said that Edet was forcefully taken away to Shelter Afrique Police Station in Uyo, where he was detained.

According to Mr Clifford Thomas, On Tuesday June 13, 2017, the Civil Liberties Organization, CLO, approached the Federal High Court, Uyo; and obtained an Order directing the Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of Zone, Calabar, and the Inspector General of Police, who are parties in the suit pending before the Court, to release the Lawyer, immediately and unconditionally.






Turkey: Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. Taner Kilic

June 16, 2017

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TUR 003 / 0617 / OBS 064

Arbitrary detention /

Judicial harassment


The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of FIDH and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Turkey.

Description of the situation:

The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. Taner Kılıç, a founding member of Amnesty International Turkey, and Chair of its Board of Directors since 2014. Mr. Kılıç has also played a strong role in advocating for refugee rights as a lawyer, and among domestic non-governmental groups and others working on the issue.

According to the information received, on June 6, 2017, at 6:30 am, Mr. Taner Kılıç was detained at his place of residence by the Anti-Terror Branch of the Izmir police. The Turkish police searched both his home and office. 18 other lawyers were detained alongside with Mr. Taner Kılıç. The detention orders were issued referring to the ongoing investigation into individuals suspected to be members of the so-called “Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organisation”, which the Turkish Government accuses of having instigated the failed coup d’état last year.

On June 9, 2017, the Turkish prosecution charged Mr. Taner Kılıç with “membership of a terrorist organisation”, namely the “Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organisation”. At the court hearing, the prosecution pointed out as “evidence” of Mr. Taner Kılıç’s alleged link with the Gülen movement his alleged use of a secure mobile messaging application, called Bylock, that the authorities claim to have been used by members of the Gülen movement. Mr. Taner Kılıç denies ever having downloaded or used Bylock, and no concrete evidence was provided in court against Mr. Taner Kılıç.

As of publishing this Appeal, Mr. Taner Kılıç remains in pre-trial detention in Izmir.