Kenya: Mumias Sugar Company’s legal manager-Ronald Lubya killed

June 6, 2017

Police  are investigating the motive behind the killing of a senior Mumias Sugar Company official.

Armed gunmen shot and killed the company’s legal manager and secretary, Ronald Lubya, at his home in Lukusi village, Matungu sub-county, on Sunday night.

The three masked men ambushed Mr Lubya in his compound and shot him once in the head. Reports indicate that two of the assailants were dressed in police uniform.

Lubya was with his wife at their new home when the gunmen attacked at around 10pm.

After the shooting, the men stole household goods and the family vehicle, a Toyota Harrier, which they used as their getaway car.

The motive of the killing is yet to be established but Lubya is said to have reported to the company security officer that his life was in danger. He reportedly said there were people who wanted to harm him regarding company transactions, and were demanding money from him.

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