June 6, 2017

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Advocate General Ayah Paul Abine

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Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla and academic Dr. Fontem Neba

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Stay tunned 2mro, June 07, 2017, as Judgement Day is pregnant with uncertainties.

Those who can make it to the Yaounde Military Tibunal should join us therein to witness yet another hearing, centred around the possible liberation of all 28 anglophones, jointly undergoing trial on the same charges. WHAT A GOOD WILL GESTURE IT WILL BE THE AUTHORITIES THAT BE, IF ALL OUR BROTHERS ARE FREED FROM CAPTIVITY 2mro…

Then, it is equally Judgement Day for our only Advocate General at the Highest Court of the land who was kidnapped by agents of the gov’t and dumped in a ‘cage’ for over 130 days and counting without a charge nor a fair trial. If we are to believe what all pundits UNANIMOUSLY speculate, then it is highly probable that the regime is planning either to retire Ayah or expel him from the corp of magistrates and then try him. But whatever decision they take, will make us all the more stronger and resolute against injustices.

NB: There are other anglophones under detention who are never mentioned. They too belong to the fold….


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BAIL REJECTED FOR ALL ANGLOPHONE DETAINEES AS AGBOR BALLA,DR.FONTEM,BBC(who came into court on his butts incapable to walk owning to his current hunger strike and the multitude all return to prison to continue their calvary.
meanwhile, all eyes are on Ayah’s fate later today as the higher judicial council currently seats.


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