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South Africa: Juju’s lawyer behind bars after bail application postponed

June 26, 2017

Tumi Mokwena, the lawyer for Julius Malema. File Photo.

Julius Malema’s lawyer, Tumi Mokwena, spent the weekend behind bars after his bail application was postponed.

Mokwena made his first appearance in the Thabamoopo Magistrate’s Court, in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo, on Friday charged with four counts of attempted murder.

Police arrested Mokwena at his Polokwane office on Thursday night after he allegedly shot and wounded four people on the Zebediela Citrus Estate.

His bail application is expected to start tomorrow.

According to police reports, one firearm was confiscated during the arrest. During last week’s court proceedings, Mokwena asked that his leg-irons be removed.

“I shouldn’t be in leg chains when I appear before this court. It is very inhumane,” he said.

Iran: Free Imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer Narges Mohammadi!

June 25, 2017

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In the spirit of compassion on this Eid al-Fitr holiday, let us urge Iran & Saudi Arabia to free all their political prisoners — including innocent and peaceful human rights activists like Narges Mohammadi and Raif Badawi.
#freenarges #freeraif

(UN Watch Facebook)

Turkey: 5 lawyers arrested at Istanbul Pride March

June 25, 2017

Retweeted The Arrested Lawyers (@Av_EvrenSEL):

5 #lawyers were taken into custody during #Pride #March in #Istanbul

İstanbul’da şu ana kadar 22 yurttaş ve 5 avukat gözaltına alındı. Avukatlardan 3’ü serbest bırakıldı.

(The Arrested Lawyers@Av_EvrenSEL) (FRANCAIS)

Egypt/IDHAE: Free Tarek Hussein Now!

June 25, 2017

Libérez Tarez Hussein !

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Democratic Republic of Congo: L’avocat de Muyambo met en garde le PGR à propos de l’état de santé de son client

le 24 juin, 2017

Alexis Deswaef, avocat de Jean Claude Muyambo, a saisi, le 23 juin 2017, le procureur général de la République pour l’avertir sur une probable  dégradation de la santé de son client en détention depuis plus d’un an déjà.

«Mon client doit pouvoir bénéficier des soins appropriés conformément au rapport des médecins spécialistes dont une copie vous a été réservée.  A défaut de ce faire et si l’état de santé de mon client se dégrade, votre responsabilité personnelle sera engagée et mise en cause, tant devant les instances nationales qu’internationales, car vos agissements envers mon client sont illégaux et contraires aux obligations internationales de la République Démocratique du Congo, découlant des traités et pactes internationaux ratifiés par la République Démocratique du Congo », a écrit l’avocat de Jean Claude Muyambo au procureur général de la République.

C’est depuis janvier 2015 que Jean Claude Muyambo est poursuivi par la justice congolaise.  Il est accusé de rétention illicite des documents, menace de mort et stellionat et a été condamné à 26 mois de prison par la Cour d’appel Kinshasa/Gombe.

Mais plusieurs ONG des droits de l’homme, dont l’ACAJ, dénoncent plutôt un procès politique contre cet ancien membre de la Majorité présidentielle ayant basculé dans l’opposition.

Western Sahara: Les députés européens appellent l’ONU pour une enquête “urgente”

le 25 juin, 2017

L'Expression - Le Quotidien

L’intergroupe sur le Sahara occidental au Parlement européen à appelé hier le Conseil des droits de l’homme de l’ONU à mener une enquête «urgente» sur la situation des prisonniers politiques sahraouis du groupe de «Gdeim Izik», dénonçant la situation «dramatique» des droits de l’homme dans les territoires occupés du Sahara occidental.

«Nous appelons le Conseil des droits de l’homme des Nations unies à mener une enquête urgente sur la situation des prisonniers de Gdeim Izik», a réclamé l’intergroupe dans une déclaration publiée après le report, une nouvelle fois, du procès en appel de ces prisonniers. «Une fois de plus, nous dénonçons la dramatique situation des droits de l’homme dans les territoires occupés du Sahara occidental», a-t-il ajouté dans cette déclaration, rappelant le droit inaliénable du peuple sahraoui à l’autodétermination, un droit qui doit être exercé, selon l’intergroupe, par référendum conformément au droit international et aux résolutions de l’ONU. Réaffirmant le droit des militants sahraouis de «Gdeim Izik» à «un procès équitable», l’intergroupe sur le Sahara occidental a condamné «fermement» la violation du droit international dans ce procès à «motivation politique».L’intergroupe a appelé, en outre, à la libération provisoire «immédiate» des prisonniers sahraouis, réclamant une enquête sur toutes les allégations de torture pour identifier leurs auteurs qui «doivent être tenus pour Responsables». «Nous demandons instamment à l’Union européenne (UE) et à ses Etats membres de soulever la question du sort des prisonniers de Gdeim Izik avec les autorités marocaines, au plus haut niveau, d’aller à la rencontrer de ces prisonniers et de surveiller les procédures judiciaires, conformément aux engagements de l’UE sur les droits de l’homme», a plaidé l’intergroupe.

Sri Lanka: Well-known Lawyer Lakshan Dias Flees Sri Lanka After Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe Threatens to Take Action in Two Days..

June 24, 2017

I was quite surprised to read the article by DBSJ about Chistian Bashing !

I know many Christians and  Muslims who live in Harmony in Sri Lanka.

I also followed the reaction from the minister where he stated that this lawyer should be struck off from the registry lawyers for making such statements

Then the news item says that THE LAWYER  has fled the country .

NGO’s who fund such scrupulous Human Right Lawyers may have promised him political refugee status in a western country?

Let him run away

We will find a way out to create a society with harmony among all like in Singapore .

This is why I keep advocating that we need the President to be firm in these instances and use his executive powers to stop these nonsense

If a minister is misbehaving like the ones in Wilpattu creating an impression among majority that his actions tantamount to religious –expansion ,he should also be kicked out .

Kenya: 1 Year Commemoration of Willie Kimani’s Murder

June 25, 2017

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(Law Society of Kenya Facebook)

India: Justice CS Karnan row: Former judge still in Kolkata hospital, doctors say his condition is stable

June 24, 2017

Former Calcutta High Court judge CS Karnan, arrested for committing contempt of the Supreme Court, continued to be in hospital for the third day on Saturday though doctors treating him said his condition had improved a bit.

Coimbatore: Former Calcutta high court judge CS Karnan, facing the contempt case after he accused 20 judges of the high judiciary including those currently serving in the Supreme Court of corruption, is being arrested in the outskirts of Coimbatore on Tuesday. PTI Photo (PTI6_20_2017_000203B)

According to a senior doctor at the state-run SSKM hospital, the 62-year-old former judge’s condition was “stable” and needed to be under observation for a few more days before being released from the hospital.

“He is bit stable but needs to be under the observation of the doctors,” the officer told PTI.

Doctors at the hospital conducted a few medical tests on the former judge during the day and the results were being awaited.

Karnan was admitted to state-run SSKM hospital on Thursday evening after he complained of uneasiness and chest pain.

Karnan, who had been evading arrest since 9 May after the Supreme Court awarded him a six-month jail term, was arrested on the night of 20 June by a team of West Bengal CID from a private resort at Malumichampatti, about six kilometres from Coimbatore, where he was hiding for a few days.

He was brought from Chennai to Kolkata on Wednesday afternoon and was taken to the Presidency correctional home.

Karnan, who has earned the dubious distinction of being the first sitting high court judge to be awarded a jail-term by the apex court, retired from service on 12 June as a fugitive.

Former Justice C S Karnan in Presidency Jail Hospital after his release from SSKM

Turkey: Défense Sans Frontière-Avocats Solidaires Newsletter n° 4 et rapports sur la Turquie

le 24 juin, 2017

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DSF-AS newsletter n°4 – juin 2017

DSF-AS Rapport mission Istanbul 7 juin 2017

DSF-AS Rapport Turquie 9 mars 2017