Russia: ICR Head Bastrykin: “Check legality of Surgut lawyer’s arrest in accident involving investigator”

May 28, 2017

ICR Head Bastrykin: “Check legality of Surgut lawyer's arrest in accident involving investigator”

Members of the Surgut Bar Association believe that the investigative bodies are responsible for the illegal persecution of their colleague Dmitry Porchulyan. Earlier, he was on the defense team in the case of a woman killed in an accident; she was hit by car of Acting Head of the Surgut interdistrict investigative department Aleksey Marochkin.

A couple of months after Porchulyan began to represent the interests of the deceased woman’s relatives, a criminal case was initiated against him. First, the lawyer was charged with aiding in attempted bribe-giving. When it became apparent that the case did not really ‘flow’, another case was initiated; this time, he was accused of Swindling.

At the same time, Chairman of the Bar Association Bureau Amil Abbasov notes that there has been no swindling; people asked Porchulyan for advice, and he indicated the cost of his services; those people made it look as extortion of a bribe, filing a complaint with the law enforcement authorities. Currently, the lawyer has been placed under house arrest. +

“We believe that all these cases appeared after he filed a statement to Bastrykin, revealing the corruption schemes in the local ICR, as well as describing the conflict with the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Surgut. This happened after Marochkin hit that woman by car,” Amil Abbasov added.


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