Cameroon: Of Southern Cameroons Struggle and Conditional Release Of Consortium Leaders

May 28, 2017

Of Southern Cameroons Struggle And Conditional Release: A Mark Bareta’s Opinion.

Over the last days, the Southern Cameroons Internetosphere has been washed with the news that the outlawed Consortium leaders Barrister Balla and Dr. Fontem shall be Released conditionally. Though we have not heard from their lawyers directly, the people of Southern Cameroons based their reactions on Ashu Nyenty’s declaration over the state radio CRTV wherein he explained what a Conditional Release will mean for this two leaders. We do not yet know if the lawyers have engaged in any such negotiations or if they are going to accept such conditional bail come 7th June, 2017.

Considering the fact that every Southern Cameroonian is emotionally attached to this struggle, their reactions over such a News is understandable and welcome. We do not expect people to fold their arms and not debate such. Debating is part of the Anglo Saxon culture. However, it should be recalled that there is none who will not want to see our leaders out. Staying in jail is never a good thing. This morning, Mr. Chris Anu of the Cameroon Journal, sent out an editorial why Balla and Fontem must reject any Conditional Release and public opinion agrees that releasing any of them conditionally will be bad not only to themselves but also to those in jail.

It should also be recalled that the ban on the outlawed Consortium has not been reversed. The Cameroun Government as of the 17th January, 2017 considers the Consortium illegal through it ban. Should the Consortium leaders be out Conditionally, they won’t be able to assume their role of the consortium. Conditional release will subscribe to judicial supervision which is like a house arrest.

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