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Israel: Israeli Mafia Boss Arrested on Suspicion of Having Hand in Lawyer’s Murder

May 24, 2017

Yoram Hacham

A prominent crime-syndicate figure was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of being involved in the 2008 assassination of attorney Yoram Hacham, who was killed by a car bomb in Tel Aviv.
Two other suspects were also arrested on Wednesday in connection with the investigation, whose details have been placed under a gag order. The Rishon Letzion Magistrate’s Court released for publication only that the investigation has recently been reopened following new evidence that has come to light.
In June 2015 crime boss Asi Abutbul was arrested on suspicion of being involved in the mafia-style execution, following information tying him and his brother Francois to the case. But the evidence was insufficient to proceed with the investigation, Abutbul was released and the police Lahav 433 unit, known as the “Israeli FBI,” stopped dealing with the case.

Hacham was a top lawyer who represented a number of underworld figures, including Abutbul, who was convicted in the last case in which Hacham represented him.




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Cameroon: Procès des leaders anglophones: Le Gouvernement favorable à la mise en liberté provisoire de Félix Agbor Nkongho et Neba Fontem Aforteka’a

le 24 mai, 2017

Le tribunal militaire de Yaoundé a annoncé mercredi qu’il se prononcerait le 7 juin sur les demandes de mise en liberté de 27 militants de la contestation anglophone camerounaise accusés d’ «actes de terrorisme» et détenus depuis janvier.

Un nouveau procès des leaders anglophones a eu lieu mercredi au tribunal militaire de Yaoundé. Trois figures de la contestation font partie des accusés: Félix Agbor Nkongho, avocat, Neba Fontem Aforteka’a, enseignant, et Mancho Bibixy, dit “BBC”, animateur de radio.

Lors de la reprise de ce procès qui a débuté le 23 mars dernier, le commissaire du gouvernement (procureur) a indiqué ne pas être «hostile» à la mise en liberté provisoire des deux premiers, assortie d’un placement sous surveillance judiciaire. «Le ministère public n’est pas opposé à la mise sous surveillance judiciaire» de Félix Agbor Nkongho et de Neba Fontem Aforteka’a, a indiqué le commissaire du gouvernement, rapporte AFP.

Le parquet a, en revanche, requis le rejet pur et simple de la demande de libération provisoire des 25 autres accusés, apprend-on.

La mise sous surveillance judiciaire signifie que les deux leaders sortent de prison, mais qu’ils sont «astreints à un certain nombre d’obligations que le tribunal va déterminer», a expliqué à l’AFP Me Claude Assira, l’un des avocats des accusés. Pour le parquet, une telle mesure, si elle devait être prise par les juges, devrait être assortie d’une décision d’interdiction de sortie du territoire pour les deux leaders et de l’obligation de verser une caution.

Les juges ont ensuite renvoyé le procès au 7 juin, date à laquelle ils se prononceront sur la demande de mise en liberté des accusés.

Félix Agbor Nkongho, avocat, et Neba Fontem Aforteka’a, enseignant d’université sont les principaux responsables du Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society consortium (Cacsc), interdit en janvier par les autorités après un appel à la grève dans les zones anglophones du pays.


http://bareta.press/conditional-release-southern-cameroonians-shall-rejected/ (ENGLISH)

India: Road rage case involving Manipur CM’s son leaves lawyer & family fearing for their lives

May 24, 2017

On 3 May, Supreme Court lawyer Utsav Singh Bains had written a letter to the Home Ministry for receiving threats from militant organisations in Manipur for dropping a case. Bains is representing the family of Irom Roger, who was shot dead by N Ajai Singh, son of incumbent BJP chief minister N Biren Singh in a road rage incident in 2011.

According to Bains, he decided to take the case since no lawyer in Manipur agreed to represent the family allegedly because of the fear of the chief minister.

In the wake of these developments, the All Manipur Bar Association (AMBA) has filed a complaint against Bains with the Chairman of the Bar Council of India claiming that the allegation that no lawyer was willing to take the case is purely “fabricated and false”.


Iran: Formerly Imprisoned Lawyer and Religious Minority Activist Expelled From University Without Explanation

May 23, 2017

Mostafa Daneshjou, a formerly imprisoned lawyer and member of a Sufi religious order known as the Gonabadi Dervishes, has been expelled from university without explanation, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned.

“I think the reason why they expelled me was my belief in the Gonabadi order,” Daneshjou told CHRI. “I have always defended the dervishes and I spent almost four years in prison for it.”

“I think that’s why the Intelligence Ministry is taking away my rights,” he added. “Usually these expulsion orders are issued by the Intelligence Ministry’s document verification office and they decide who can and can’t study at the university.”

Daneshjou was finishing his second term in criminology at the Islamic Azad University of Tehran as a graduate student when he received the news in a phone call from the university’s administrative office on May 20, 2017.

“They told me that according to an order from the university’s central security office, I have been banned from continuing my education, but they did not say why they reached that decision,” Daneshjou told CHRI.

“The next day I filed a complaint and demanded a written explanation,” he added. “I will wait and see. If I don’t hear back from them, I will take my case to the appropriate judicial authorities.”

Daneshjou started working as a lawyer in 2003, but was banned from practicing law in 2007 because of his peaceful advocacy in defense of the rights of Gonabadi Dervishes, which follow a different interpretation of Islam than Iran’s ruling Shia establishment.



Egypt: Former presidential candidate Khaled Ali facing trial amid crackdown on political activists

May 24, 2017

Image result for Egyptian lawyer Ahmed Ali

The Egyptian authorities have intensified their crackdown on opposition activists ahead of the upcoming 2018 presidential elections, arresting at least 36 people in 17 cities from five opposition parties and political youth groups, said Amnesty International today. Many were arrested in connection with comments they posted online about the elections.

Among who have faced arrest is the former presidential candidate and prominent human rights lawyer Khaled Ali who was detained yesterday and released today on bail. He will now face trial on Monday for “violating public morals”. If convicted he faces a year in prison or a fine.  He would also be barred from running for the presidency.  In February he acknowledged that he was considering a renewed presidential bid for 2018 elections.

“The presidential elections are not scheduled to take place until 2018, yet the Egyptian authorities seem intent on pre-emptively crushing any potential rivals to maintain their grip on power,” said Najia Bounaim, Amnesty International’s campaigns director for North Africa.

“Khaled Ali’s arrest and prosecution was clearly politically motivated. The Egyptian authorities must drop the absurd charge he is facing and end the smear campaign against him.”

Khaled Ali is the founder of Aish we Horreiya (Bread and Freedom) party whose members are among those targeted by the wave of arrests.

He was first summoned by the prosecutor in Giza for questioning on 23 May. Negad al Borei, his lawyer, who attended the interrogation session, told Amnesty International that he was charged with making physical gestures “that violate public morals”. The charge relates to a photo showing Khalid Ali celebrating with his supporters outside the High Administrative Court, after winning a prominent case to reverse a government decision to hand over control of two islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.












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India: Justice Karnan – A Constitutional Conundrum

May 24, 2017

Days lapsed since the sentencing order was passed by the Apex Court. The Nation read the terse order punishing Judge of the Calcutta High Court for contempt of court. The events constituting the contempt are not spoken authentically by the Supreme Judiciary till today.