China: Human Rights Lawyers Shine in China, But Need the World to Notice

May 22, 2017

A panel consisting of four wives speaking on behalf of their husbands, detained in China for advocating for human rights, on May 18, in a hearing room on Capitol Hill. (L-R) Ms. Lee Chin-yu, wife of Lee Min-che; translator; Ms. Wang Yanfeng, wife of Tang Jingling; translator; Ms. Jin Bianling, wife of Jiang Tianyong; Bob Fu, president of China Aid; Ms. Chen Guiqiu, wife of Xie Yang. (Kitty Wang/NTD)

Four Chinese women sat at a long oaken table in a hearing room on Capitol Hill on the afternoon of May 19 and asked the world to pay attention. Their husbands have been detained in China because of their work for human rights.

Rep. Chris Smith said they had come together to “shine a light” on the brutal treatment given human rights advocates such as these in China.

Light needs to be shone. These men are not well known in the United States, and telling their stories about events in a far-off and strange land is not easy. Among other problems, their names are difficult for English speakers to pronounce or remember.

Tang Jingling, Xie Yang, and Jiang Tianyong are human rights lawyers. Li Ming-Che is a member of a Taiwanese NGO that works for human rights in China.



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