China: Son of Chinese Rights Lawyer Denied Access to Primary School After Torture Report

May 17, 2017

The son of Chinese rights lawyer Chen Jianguang (blurred image), who appears here alongside his mother Zou Shaomei in an undated photo, was denied access to primary school after his father made public allegations about the torture of his client and fellow lawyer Xie Yang.

Authorities in the Chinese capital have placed restrictions on the young son of a prominent human rights lawyer, preventing him from enrolling in primary school, his parents said on Wednesday.

Chen Jiangang, who helped to expose the torture of his client and fellow lawyer Xie Yang, said his eldest son has been prevented from enrolling in primary education—compulsory for all Chinese children—after the local police station put political pressure on the school.

Chen’s wife Zou Shaomei said she had been told about police contact with the school by one of the teachers.

“The teacher told me directly that the school principal had had a phone call from the local police station,” Zou said. “They didn’t want our son to go to this school.”

“It’s not clear whether this is coming from the local police station or higher up,” she said. “The teacher said that this is the first time the school has ever had anything like this happen, and they all thought it was very strange.”

“I think the authorities are trying to threaten my husband,” she said.



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