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China/USA: For Family Of Embattled Chinese Lawyer, A Long Road To Safety — With U.S. Help

May 14, 2017

The social media site of the Changshai Intermediate People's Court showed a photo it said showed the trial of human rights lawyer Xie Yang.

U.S. diplomats staged a rare intervention to rescue the family of a human rights lawyer held in China. The attorney was released last week, after having been swept up in a two-year-old crackdown that has put most of the country’s rights lawyers and legal activists out of business.

Human rights groups have been watching to see whether the Trump administration will take a more or less muscular approach to human rights in China than their predecessors, and this case highlights some of the issues at stake.

The target of the rescue was Chen Guiqiu, a professor of environmental science, and the wife of human rights lawyer Xie Yang.

Chen had fled China with the couple’s two daughters in February, fearing for their safety. They snuck into Thailand, but local authorities raided their safe house and detained them.

On March 2, Chen was locked up in a Bangkok immigration jail.

“I couldn’t communicate with the outside world,” Chen recalls. “I was worried, almost in despair, and in my heart, I was praying to God.”

A group of Chinese government agents milled outside the front gate of the jail, waiting for Chen to be deported so they could take her back to China. This is according to Bob Fu, president and founder of China Aid, a Midland, Texas-based organization that describes itself as a “Christian human rights group.”

But action by Fu’s group and U.S. officials caught the Chinese agents off guard, and now Chen and her daughters are in the U.S.




Cameroon: President Biya convenes the High Council of Judiciary of Cameroon

May 12, 2017

The Head of State has convene the high Council of the Magistracy on 7 June 2017 at 10 am at the Unity Palace in Yaoundé

Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroun.

The President of the Republic  Friday May 12, 2017, from his village Mvomeka’a signed several decrees, Among which is the one in which Mr Paul Biya convenes a meeting of the High Council of the Judiciary.

The meeting of June 7, 2017 comes at a time when courts in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon have remained closed for more than seven months following strike by the common law lawyers .