Cameroon: Biya is afraid to dialogue with secessionists, federalists– Ben Muna

May 12, 2017

Former Bar Council President, presidential candidate and Deputy Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Bernard Acho Muna says the Cameroon government under the leadership of President Paul Biya lacks the goodwill, zeal, honesty and is afraid to dialogue with leaders of the Anglophone movement.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice newspaper in Yaounde, Muna said the government must prove that it is ready to solve the current Anglophone imbroglio by coming to the negotiation table with clean hands.

He said the legality of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC, headed by Bar. Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla should not be an obstacle to dialogue.

“Felix Nkongho took part in discussions with the government as a member of the Consortium. Now that the government could not impose its will, it used unhealthy tactics by declaring the Consortium illegal before arresting the same gentleman she was discussing with. This shows that the government is afraid to sit down to negotiate an end to the crisis with the different protagonists.”

Quizzed whether he personally favours a referendum consultation on the form of the State, he insisted a referendum should take place after discussions. Hear him; “Before calling for the referendum, you must first know the terms of the referendum. Before asking the people whether they agree with federalism, secession or the form of the present State, we must first agree on the terms of the referendum. 22 million Cameroonians cannot all sit on the negotiating table but at the bottom it is the population that has to decide, that is what gives legitimacy to the decision.”

Talking about Anglophone protest leaders in prison, he said he goes to prison every two days and can testify the people who were arrested in Bamenda and Buea and brought to Yaoundé have no families for the most part in the city. “So they have to deal with their daily problems. They normally eat, but they hope to be released very soon. They do not understand that they are accused of terrorism, hostility against the State; they do not understand that they are treated like terrorists. They do not understand all these charges brought against them.”


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