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Democratic Republic of Congo: L’ex-bâtonnier de Lumumbashi toujours emprisonné à Makal a été évacué d’urgence gravement atteint, à la suite de tortures

le 13 mai, 2017

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L’honorable Jean Claude Muyambo opposant et président du parti membre du Rassopp ” SCODE ” vient d’être évacué d’urgence à l’hôpital général gravement malade depuis sa cellule de Makala prison !!!

(Rdc Alternance Congo Facebook)


China/UK: Law firms under fire over China business

May 8, 2017

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In evidence to the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, civil society pressure group the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) claims UK firms operating in China are unable to fulfil their stated commitments to human rights and may even be in breach of their professional obligations. The network of lawyers, academics and investigative journalists has contributed to the committee’s inquiry into UK-China relations, which is expected to be reconstituted after the general election.

Concerns raised by GLAN, which has offices in London and Dublin, centre on the control exercised by the Chinese government over professional activities. Foreign firms, it concludes, compromise their professional duties to clients and the rule of law when abiding by these restrictions as a precondition of practising in China.

‘The rule of law environment has deteriorated in recent years,’ GLAN’s submission says. ‘Genuine rule of law reform, understood as a project enhancing control of public power and the protection of fundamental rights is in jeopardy.’ It noted that Justice Zhou Qiang, president of China’s supreme court, has said the judiciary should resist principles such as ‘separation of powers’ and ‘independence of the judiciary’.

Rules made in 2001/02 require foreign firms to uphold the ‘professional ethics and discipline’ of Chinese lawyers. Failure to do so means they face criminal or administrative sanctions. ‘This creates an environment in which foreign law firms and lawyers are vulnerable to pressure and to being co-opted for repressive purposes,’ GLAN said.

Hence, the submission’s authors said: ‘UK firms in China are not able to honour their basic commitments to fundamental legal and human rights principles.’ These are set out in the SRA’s 2013 Overseas Rules.




Cameroon: Biya is afraid to dialogue with secessionists, federalists– Ben Muna

May 12, 2017

Former Bar Council President, presidential candidate and Deputy Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Bernard Acho Muna says the Cameroon government under the leadership of President Paul Biya lacks the goodwill, zeal, honesty and is afraid to dialogue with leaders of the Anglophone movement.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice newspaper in Yaounde, Muna said the government must prove that it is ready to solve the current Anglophone imbroglio by coming to the negotiation table with clean hands.

He said the legality of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, CACSC, headed by Bar. Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla should not be an obstacle to dialogue.

“Felix Nkongho took part in discussions with the government as a member of the Consortium. Now that the government could not impose its will, it used unhealthy tactics by declaring the Consortium illegal before arresting the same gentleman she was discussing with. This shows that the government is afraid to sit down to negotiate an end to the crisis with the different protagonists.”

Quizzed whether he personally favours a referendum consultation on the form of the State, he insisted a referendum should take place after discussions. Hear him; “Before calling for the referendum, you must first know the terms of the referendum. Before asking the people whether they agree with federalism, secession or the form of the present State, we must first agree on the terms of the referendum. 22 million Cameroonians cannot all sit on the negotiating table but at the bottom it is the population that has to decide, that is what gives legitimacy to the decision.”

Talking about Anglophone protest leaders in prison, he said he goes to prison every two days and can testify the people who were arrested in Bamenda and Buea and brought to Yaoundé have no families for the most part in the city. “So they have to deal with their daily problems. They normally eat, but they hope to be released very soon. They do not understand that they are accused of terrorism, hostility against the State; they do not understand that they are treated like terrorists. They do not understand all these charges brought against them.”



Nigeria: Midnight Horror: Gunmen waste policeman, lawyer in Benin

May 12, 2017

Midnight Horror: Gunmen waste policeman, lawyer in Benin

A Benin-based lawyer and a Policeman have been shot dead by gunmen in Benin City.

While Barr. Agbontaen Eghosa Odiase was killed before his wife and children at his residence in Odiase Street, Off Pipeline Road, Upper Sokponba, Avbiama Community, the cop Sgt. Sunday Agbonmwema Eguakun a.k.a Barry was shot dead in Ogbemudia Street, Off Avbiama Road in the same area.

Until the unfortunate incident the cop was attached to the Iyase of Benin kingdom Chief Sam Igbe.

It could not be ascertained at press time whether the police officer was also a target but he was murdered a distance away from his private residence while driving.

The separate but brutal killings which occurred between 9pm and 11pm on Monday, May 8, 2017 sources revealed, were plotted and executed by a gang of gunmen who operated unchallenged.




Pakistan: May 12 mayhem: Lawyers observe black day, boycott court proceedings in Karachi

May 13, 2017

Legal fraternity on Friday resorted to complete strike and boycotted court proceedings as they observed a black day against the May 12, 2007, carnage in the port city.

One of the bloodiest days in Karachi’s history: On May 12, 2007, some 48 people were killed and a score injured and several vehicles burnt, when then-deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was scheduled to address a function at Sindh High Court.

Opposition parties had announced to accord a warm welcome to the then CJP in the city. The MQM, who at the time backed Musharraf, organised a counter-rally, leading eventually to violent clashes.

As 10 years have passed since the carnage, no one from the perpetrators was sentenced and even those arrested were set free on bail.

The lawyers across the province observed a black day against the carnage. Black flags had been hoisted atop the bar rooms and general body meetings of lawyers associations held to denounce those behind the bloodshed.





Turkey/Europe: EP’s Pittella calls on Turkey to release all political prisoners immediately

May 13, 2017

EP’s Pittella calls on Turkey to release all political prisoners immediately

President of the European Parliament’s Socialists & Democrats Group Gianni Pittella on Friday said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is closing the door to Europe, calling on him to immediately release all political prisoners.

Paying a two-day visit to Ankara, Pittella attended the trial of pro-Kurdish Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP) Co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, met with the other leading figures in the HDP and spoke with main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

Calling 100 cases launched against Demirtaş by Turkish authorities “not acceptable” in his statement following meetings in Ankara, Pittella said: “This repression of political opposition is happening alongside the mass imprisonment of journalists, judges, academics and soldiers, without charges and without any possibility of appeal.”

“We call on President Erdoğan to release Demirtas and all political prisoners immediately,” the S&D Group president said.

Recalling that the Socialists & Democrats have been the strongest supporters of Turkey’s European future and remain perhaps the last ones, Pittella underlined: “We still support this future. However, President Erdogan is making it impossible by turning Turkey into an increasingly authoritarian country. We are clear — Erdoğan is closing the door to Europe. For us democracy and human rights come first. ”




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Pakistan: Christian lawyer raising voice against forced conversions receives death threats

May 12, 2017

Pakistani Christians persecuted

Pakistani Christian lawyer Advocate Jacqueline Sultan received death threats. She has been advocating for rights of minorities and raising voice against forced conversions of girls hailing from minorities’ communities. Details emerged that the Christian lawyer received a letter, in which she was warned not to pursue struggle for the rights of minorities or else she would be killed.

Jacqueline Sultan,is a high court advocate as well as member of the Karachi Bar Council. After she received the threatening letter, she informed the incident to Naeem Qureshi President of Karachi Bar Association. Moreover, the incident was also reported to the South SSP, and the Rangers DG , South SSP and the Risala Police Station.

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Advocate Jacqueline found the letter in her chamber. Consequently, Karachi Bar Association has urged the authorities to take serious action regarding the matter and provide the Christian lawyer with foolproof security.

Karachi Bar Association also urged the authorities for an inquiry into the matter so as to determine the perpetrators of the act. The lawyers’ body demanded for immediate action and arrest of the people who had threatened the Christian lawyer.

The incident was also condemned by various Human Rights activists, NGO’s and political activists. They expressed serious concerns for the security of Advocate Jacqueline Sultan, demanding efficacious efforts from the concerns authorities.




China: Chinese lawyer ‘wore torture device for a month’

May 13, 2017

It’s a form of restraint that would be more in keeping with the practices of a medieval dungeon than a modern, civilised state.

But the device – leg and hand shackles linked by a short chain – is a well-documented part of the toolkit that the Chinese police use to break the will of their detainees.

And it is one that they allegedly forced one of this country’s most prominent human rights lawyers to wear, for a full month.

Li Heping was finally released from detention on Tuesday and his wife Wang Qiaoling has now had time to learn about the treatment he endured over his almost two-year-long incarceration.

“In May 2016 in the Tianjin Number One Detention Centre, he was put in handcuffs and shackles with an iron chain linking the two together,” she tells me.

“It meant that he could not stand up straight, he could only stoop, even during sleeping. He wore that instrument of torture 24/7 for one month.”

She adds: “They wanted him to confess.”