China: China Desk: My husband was tortured by the Chinese authorities

May 11, 2017


China Desk is a regular round-up of the voices and issues that may have been overlooked in the day-to-day reporting of Chinese affairs.

In this first edition of Newshour’s China Desk: The BBC’s John Sudworth speaks to Wang Qiaoling, wife of the human rights lawyer Li Heping, who was detained by the Chinese authorities in 2015. She alleges that her husband was severely tortured by the Chinese authorities during his detention. Earlier this week Li Heping was given a suspended prison sentence, and returned home for the first time since his arrest.

(Photo: Wang Qiaoling, the wife of detained lawyer Li Heping, poses for a photograph in Beijing. Credit: FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Release date:

11 May 2017


6 minutes



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