Canada: Lawyer shot outside his Yorkville office criticizes police response time

May 11, 2017


A Toronto criminal defence lawyer who was shot outside his law office last September says Halton police officers didn’t act fast enough to apprehend what was clearly a “very dangerous” man.

On the afternoon of Sept. 20, J. Randall Barrs was standing beside his Mercedes parked outside his Bedford Road office when he was shot twice by a man wearing a construction vest and a blonde wig.

Seconds later, the man in the disguise was shot by an undercover Halton police officer while he attempted to flee.

Both Barrs and the suspect recovered from their injuries.

On Wednesday, the province’s Special Investigations Unit cleared the Halton officer involved in the incident, saying he was “acting in the course of his duties” when he fired at the suspect.

In its decision, the SIU revealed that 51-year-old Grayson Delong was being monitored by a team of Halton police officers since 9 a.m. that day, after he made a court appearance in Brampton.



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