Turkey: Turkey lifts ban on 82 judges and prosecutors, issues new warrants

May 7, 2017

Police try to stop people from attacking judge suspected in the 2016, June 15 failed coup in Turkey. Photo :CNN/File

Turkish authorities have lifted legal bans on 82 judges and prosecutors who were previously dismissed from office after the failed July coup last summer and expected to return to their public positions following months-long investigations, Turkey’s High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) said Friday.

The council has also issued new warrants for another 23 public defenders who had been expelled from office for alleged links to the outlawed Islamist Gullen movement.

The suspects are among the 107 judges and prosecutors dismissed from public service Friday, Anadolu News Agency reported, most of them based in western cities of the country in Istanbul and Edirne.

Turkey on Saturday expelled more than 3,900 people from the civil service and military as threats to national security.

Turkish media reported that a district court judge in Istanbul and Bilecik were among the 23 suspects arrested in the Friday raids.

The council has dismissed appeal for another 329 judges and prosecutors to return to their positions, it said in a statement Friday.

Since the declaration of a state of emergency last year, nearly 4,200 judges and prosecutors have been expelled, an estimated 100,000 sacked from other public posts and more than 47,000 people have been arrested.



http://www.gazeteduvar.com.tr/gundem/2017/05/08/yargida-son-durum-hakim-hakimi-tutuklarken-tutuklandi/ (TURKCE)

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With the recent dismissal of 107 more judges from profession, the total number of those dismissed is now 4424. #TurkeyPurge

(Turkey Purge Facebook)


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