China: Chinese Rights Lawyer ‘Released’ After Guilty Plea During Subversion Trial

May 8, 2017

Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang is shown in an undated photo.

Authorities in the central Chinese province of Hunan on Monday released rights lawyer Xie Yang on “bail” after he pleaded guilty at his subversion trial and backtracked on previous reports of his torture while in police detention.

Xie, 45, stood trial at the Changsha Intermediate People’s Court on Monday, pleading guilty to charges of “incitement to subvert state power” and “disrupting court order.”

“Xie told the court … that he had not been coerced into a confession nor had he been subjected to torture,” state news agency Xinhua reported, reflecting the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s official version of events.

His defense attorney said he has since been released “on bail,” although it was unclear whether he had fully regained his liberty.

Chen Jiangang, who was prevented from acting as his lawyer after publicizing his client’s torture allegations, said Xie has now been released “on bail” after doing a deal with the authorities.

“I have received news from his government-appointed lawyer that Xie Yang has been released,” Chen said. “After the trial, he was taken back to the detention center, where he was granted bail.”

“They cut a deal,” Chen said. “If you look at the statement he made right at the start, he emphasized this point very clearly, that [any confession] would be either because he was tortured, or because it was part of a deal [for his release].”

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