Russia: CCTVs were damaged in entrance hall of building Moscow lawyer was murdered in

April 27, 2017

CCTVs were damaged in entrance hall of building Moscow lawyer was murdered in

Natalya Vavilina, a lawyer, was killed in northeastern Moscow in her own housing.

The crime was committed yesterday, on the 26th of April. The killer had been waiting for the woman in the entrance hall of an apartment building on Altufevskoe highway. When Vavilina got inside, the unknown man made at least two shots at the woman, after which he disappeared. The woman died on the spot. Police officers found a lawyer’s certificate on her when they arrived at the scene. Vavilina had belonged to the Moscow Bar Association and had been the chairperson of Delphi bar association.

Investigators have worked on the scene all night long. According to REN TV, operatives have found out that the observation cameras in the entrance hall were burnt. The killer must have been preparing for the crime in advance.

Vavilina’s neighbors told the journalists that the woman had lived in the building on Altufevskoe highway for a very long time, however almost nobody knew her there. They say, Vavilina would not talk to anyone and would return from work late at night.

The Investigative Committee has initiated the case under part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder) and part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Arm-Trafficking). So far, the investigators have been considering various versions of what happened. The leading one is related to the job of the murdered woman. The Head of the Moscow Investigative Committee will personally supervise the investigation.



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