India: Enactment of “HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS (RECOGNITION, SUPPORT AND PROTECTION) ACT” – Please sign the petition!

April 24, 2017

Human Rights Defenders often face several kinds of reprisal for their legitimate human rights work both in the hands of State and/or non-state actors whose wrongdoings/illegal activities they challenge to redress a promote human rights and/or to redress an incident of human rights violation. They often work alone with no or limited knowledge, skill, resource and support and often their important human rights work is derecognised and discouraged. So, to recognise their work,  to provide support for their human rights work and to provide protection to them when they are at risk facing reprisal or under attack for their legitimate human rights work, it is pertinent to enact a law by Indian Parliament to expressly acknowledge the Rights and Responsibility of the Human Rights Defenders as per the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, 1998 and as Recommended  to the Government of India by the United Nations Special Rapporteur  on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders after her Country Visit to India in 2011 and as recommendations received by Government of India in United Nations Universal Periodic Review  from  four countries in 2012.  The proposed Act will afford protection to lawyers as well.




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