China: Wife of Tortured Rights Lawyer Calls For His Release Ahead of Trial

April 24, 2017

Chen Guiqiu (R), wife of detained rights lawyer Xie Yang, meets with New Jersey Republican Rep. Chris Smith (L), co-chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, in Washington D.C., April 20, 2017.

The wife of jailed human rights lawyer Xie Yang has spoken publicly for the first time since arriving in the United States, ahead of her husband’s trial on Tuesday, calling for his immediate release amid detailed reports of his torture in detention.

Xie will stand trial at the Changsha Intermediate People’s Court on charges of “incitement to subvert state power” and “disrupting court order,” Chen Guiqiu said in a recent statement.

She said the authorities had prevented Xie’s defense lawyers from working on the case after they made detailed reports of Xie’s torture in detention public, substituting a government lawyer in their place.

“Xie Yang’s family, defense lawyers, and his friends in China and overseas are anxiously watching and waiting for what the authorities will do,” wrote Chen.

In a later interview with RFA, Chen Guiqiu called on the ruling Chinese Communist Party to release Xie and other prisoners of conscience who are still behind bars in the country.

“The best thing to do would be to release all of them,” Chen said. “International calls for this are growing very strong now.”

【The case of Chinese human rights lawyer Xie Yang 关注中国人权律师谢阳案】今天中国人权律师谢阳被迫害案在湖南长沙开庭审理。谢阳律师是中国2015年“709大抓捕”系列案中遭抓捕的湖南人权律师,被中国当局“监视居住”期间传出受到严重酷刑而广受国内外社会各界密切关注。今天他被指控罪名是“颠覆国家政权“和“扰乱法庭秩序”,辩护律师是官方特别替他指定的湖南贺小电律师,而谢阳家人为他聘请的两位律师陈建刚和刘正清因为揭露谢阳遭酷刑消息后被官方拒绝安排会见,然后又被莫名其妙所谓“解聘”!

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(N.B. Lawyer Xie Yang was on trial April 25, 2017.  Details to follow.)

(UPDATE: The trial was cancelled and the court will set another date, but no reasons were given.)

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Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook)

The Anecdotal Xie Yang (FRANCAIS)

The trial of Xie Yang, a Chinese rights lawyer whose account of torture at the hands of interrogators was widely reported in January, is expected to be held today.



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