Cameroon: Cameroon -Anglophone crisis :”I will be happy if Dr NKongho and Co rot in jail”‘-Ekame

April 25, 2017

patrick Ekame

Man who instructed shops of North westerners to be burnt at mile 17 Buea three months ago for respecting ghost town say he will be happy if the Anglophone leaders arrested during the current movement and imparticular the Président of the anglophone civil society consortium (CACSC) Barrister  Nkongho Félix Agbor  Balla and the secretary general Dr. fontem Neba rot in jail,a source close to him hinted following his recent release on radio yesterday .

Mayor Patrick Ekame of Buea council who has been on the other side of the cry of anglophones against marginalization. He made no secret about his stands against the restoration of the Southern Cameroons statehood and says he will be pleased if at the least those arrested and transferred to Yaoundé receive life imprisonment.

After failing to ingnit Anglophone divide and thanking Biya for restoring Internet in English speaking Cameroon, mayor Ekema Patrick yesterday during the 6pm news over Equinox blamed that senator Mbella Moki Charles is one of the south west elites fanning the strike in the South west region.



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