Cameroon: URGENT – Family of imprisoned lawyer Ayah Paul Abine threatened

April 22, 2017

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I have just been reliably informed by the AYAH FAMILY that a group of terrorists and criminals have been ringing the bell of their residence at Tam Tam for close to 2 hours now (since 1 AM) and have tried to force their way in. The Family is on Hot Alert as I equally learn that there are a group of possibly armed people. Not been able to get either Ayah’s wife nor his son (the Famly Spokes man) on phone. I hope all is well with them there in Yaounde.

MY TAKE: We all know who these people are, for whom they work and who sent them; NO SURPRISES. This comes after Ayah Paul Abine, their dad, was abducted from his residence and is still under illegal detention at SED for 3 months now and counting. There can only be one person/camp responsible for this criminal activity. PRAY FOR THE AYAH’s




For more than an hour now, we have had people ringing our bell and trying to force their way into our home. They are conversing at the gate as write. At least a voice sounds familier but I refrain from drawing hasty conclusions. We heard them get into a car at a certain point but returned shortly after. Please, get this information to all Cameroonians


Permit detail the terrorist activity that occured at our residence as from about 1 AM this morning.

At 1:05 AM, some terrorists were at our gate. They rang the bell about 30 times in all. The tried forcing open the gate as they equally called out several times. We could hear words such as ”Petit”, “je dis hein Petit”, etc, several times. They all spoke in the French language.

They left at a certain point in a car and returned again minutes after to try and enforce their plan to no avail. We have been up since then, trying to better analyse this mystery. We’ve been talking to lots of people since then and we’re now trying to address the authorities.

Well, can it be a coincidence that this is happening at a time that our dad, Ayah Paul Abine, Advocate General of the Supreme Court was abducted from his residence and is currently falsely detained at SED for close to 100 days now without a charge? Is this not similar to the manner in which our dad was picked up but for the fact that his occured during the day? Who are these people and who are they working for? We abstain from drawing any hasty conclusions..

(From a family member)

(Facebook) (FRANCAIS)

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