Iran: Political Prisoner Narges Mohammadi Offered Furlough in Exchange for Silence

April 12, 2017

Mohammadi: Imprisonment Makes Me More “Determined”

Imprisoned human rights defender Narges Mohammadi has been offered temporary release if she promises to be silent about her unjust sentence, her husband told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

“The authorities have told Narges that they would grant her furlough on the condition that she not talk to or meet anyone,” said Taghi Rahmani, who lives with the couple’s two children in Paris. “No interviews, no phone calls, no visits.”

“They wanted her to give a written commitment, but how can you allow a prisoner to leave prison and then create another prison for her?” he added.

“How could Narges avoid other people coming to greet the family on the Iranian New Year? How could she not talk to them? What kind of temporary leave is that? Narges didn’t accept those conditions,” he said.

Rahmani told CHRI Mohammadi wants to appeal against her sentence at the Supreme Court.

“Lawyers representing Narges have asked the Supreme Court to review her 16-year prison sentence and she herself has put in a request to the Article-90 Committee to investigate its legality,” he said.



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