Cameroon: Trial today of lawyer Ayah Paul Abine

April 13, 2017

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We’re currently at the Yaounde Appeal Court premisis. Now resheduled for 11:00 am. But the SED authorities are yet to produce/bring Ayah Paul Abine. We stay put.



(UPDATE April 13: The trial has been adjourned to April 27, 2017.  Details to follow)


Yaounde Appeal Court throws out Ayah Paul Abine‘s appeal for his immediate and unconditional release on grounds I prefer not to shamefully mention to you. But that only increases our motivation, determination and resolve to HOLD ON TILL THE END.

We are IMMEDIATELY SEIZING THE SUPREME COURT, wherein Ayah Paul Abine, Advocate General of the said court will meet his colleagues to argue his case against them, in the hope that the Law and nothing but the Law will be discussed.

Meanwhile, the AYAH FAMILY is looking forward to meet the UN Envoy currently in Cameroon at all reasonable cost to reveal to him the truth behind Ayah’s abduction and current unlawful detention.




Breaking news. Hon Ayah Paul lawyers applied for habeas corpus.They refuse to grant him bail.Lots of military and police officers in court.Is almost 1230pm in yde.Case has been adjourn to the 27th of April. If anything changes i will be back with updates.I learned the matter has been sent to the supreme court, bc the case was actually sent to the inquiry control chamber who had no jurisdiction concerning the matter. Still waiting on updates


Biya Blocks UN Envoy from Talking to AYAH Paul;
AYAH Paul Disgraces Biya’s Judges @ Court Today;

Comrades, I did publish earlier today that the hearing of AYAH’s Habeas Corpus prayer at the Yaounde Appeal Court was delayed till 11:00 AM. Again, the soft-spoken and very Mighty legal luminary played the role of his lawyers and lectured La Republique’s judges and State Counsel. Follow me: Wonna hear news, tolli dey…

After AYAH’s lecture, the State Counsel confessed that all what AYAH had said was correct and that the state did not have any objections. The president of the Yaounde Appeal Court started making closing remarks to adjourn the case but witty AYAH pointed to Section 275 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Code of La Republique du CameroUn which states that the court was bound to deliver its judgement within 10 days on cases of remand in custody. It is very disturbing that for someone who calls himself a judge of the Appeal Court would not know basic notions of the law such as this. La Republique du CameroUn must be joking. A banana republic indeed. That is by the way…

After AYAH pointed this out, the court then called for recess of 30 minutes. The question is, if truly the judges were independent, why did he not, based on the arguments before him issue a ruling? He was trying to hastily adjourn so he goes to Laurent ESSO for Biya’s own ruling? Sicko!

Well, after the expiration of the 30 minutes, the criminals in robs threw out the case citing technicalities. They said, the normal procedure for filing appeal cases warranted that the individual concerned had to present it to the President of the Appeals Court upon acknowledgement receipt. How could AYAH, who is in detention leave the confines of his cell to drop an appeal with the court? La Republique needs serious cleansing!

After the ruling, and as AYAH was being taken back to custody, his supporters were spotted hailing and chanting praises. One of them (precisely from Tombel sub-divison), who sued for anonymity said she overheard the judges discussing amongg themselves. They said they were comfortable ‘washing their hands off the case’ because, according to them, the Supreme Court of the land should play their role and free their colleague and that they were flabbergasted that since AYAH’s ‘arrest’, his Supreme Court colleagues have not even as much as garnered the courage to raise an objection.

Meanwhile, the Biya regime has blocked the visiting UN Envoy from meeting AYAH at his cell at SED. Biya knows that AYAH is a walking encyclopedia and masters international law pertaining to the so-called union. They fear that exposing AYAH to the UN will constitute bad news for the Biya regime.

It is worthy of note to mention that AYAH insists that he will exhaust all domestic remedies and then proceed to the international courts if the Supreme Court’s hands too were tied.

My Comment: Let the world know that NO JUSTICE system exists in La Republique and can therefore not be able to try the likes of Nkongho Felix, Fontem Neba, Mancho Bibixy et al… share this post to the ends of the world.

We are in this together. Man No Run!





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