China: Wife of 709 Lawyer Fears Arrest

April 7, 2017

Below is a message sent today by Wang Qiaoling (王峭岭), wife of lawyer Li Heping (李和平), who has been in detention since July 2015 in the 709 Crackdown and is facing “subversion of state power” charges. She reports that in recent days cameras are mounted in front of her apartment building tracking her movement, and she is being followed by several security policemen. She fears that she will be arrested soon.

Wang, who has been an active advocate for the release of her husband and of other 709 detainees, is the recipient of the 2016 Franco-German Prize for Human Rights.

Are the 709 Cases Taking a New Direction? (Part 1)
Wang Qiaoling, wife of Li Heping, detained 709 Laweyer
April 7, 2017

[Translation by Human Rights in China]

In recent days, I’ve had a strange feeling as soon as I stepped outside my house. It’s been like this every day. But it was yesterday when I discovered that there’ve been more and more cameras pointed at me. By my count, outside our apartment building, at the entrance to the basement, etc., there are, all of a sudden, three to four additional cameras. Last August, the very day after I moved to Song Zhuang [a suburb east of Beijing], I was locked out of the building by the landlord. Later, I rented a place in the Daxing Junyue International Neighborhood, and had a peaceful half year without being evicted. These past few days, these cameras have been recording my every move.


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