China/Australia: Bob Carr’s backroom manouevering ends Chinese nightmare for Sydney academic

April 3, 2017

Sydney professor Feng Chongyi has arrived back at Sydney Airport, Australia after being detained in China for a week and interrogated by authorities. SUPPLIED: ABC NEWS.

FORMER Foreign Minister Bob Carr’s public silence on the fate of a Sydney academic held by the Chinese might have baffled some.

He was in China, had plenty of opportunity to pump up Australian outrage, and could have done it face-to-face with the Chinese leadership.

But the former NSW premier had taken the advice of a Chinese official on how to deal with the case of detained University of Technology Sydney professor Chongyi Feng, who was released from Chinese custody yesterday.

Professor Feng, a teacher in Chinese studies, had been blocked from returning to Sydney twice and was interrogated for more than a week for “endangering state security”.

As the Chinese official put it, back room inquiries might help, but “the microphone way” would only worsen Mr Feng’s plight.

Further, other sources suggested Mr Feng’s detention had not been authorised at the top levels and the Chinese government wanted the issue settled in the national interest. (CHINESE) (CHINESE)


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