Cameroon: Ayah’s Lawyers to File Appeal Against Illegal Detention

March 23, 2017

(Ayah Paul Abine, serving Advocate General of the Supreme Court of Cameroon)

An appeal to counter the decision of the Mfoundi High Court remanding Ayah Paul Abine will be filed at the Court of Appeal of the Centre Region, Ayah’s lawyers have said.

Ndong Christopher Nveh, one of the defense counsels, told The Cameroon Journal by telephone they are working on an appeal which they will file in good time. “We will file the appeal before the five day window frame elapses,” Ndong disclosed.

On Tuesday, the Mfoundi High Court rejected a Habeas Corpus demanding the unconditional release of the Deputy Attorney General of the Supreme Court. Ayah was arrested and has since January 21, been incarcerated at the National Gendarmerie Headquarters in Yaoundé.

Luc Kisob, another defense lawyer, is quoted by another publication as upholding that Ayah’s arrest was illegal. Affirming that nobody is above the law, the attorney-at-law said “what they [Ayah’s lawyers] are saying is that the law should be respected if proceedings have to be carried out against anybody.” (FRANCAIS)

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The post is reporting the list of Southern Cameroonians abducted and are based in Kondengui. This list does not include those in SED and Gendamarie. This list is a government owned list. Hundreds more of our people are abducted. No peace to La Republique until
#FreeNkongho #FreeFontem #FreeMancho#FreeAyah #FreeAllArrested#FreeSouthernCameroons #BringBackOurInternet

(Mark Bareta Facebook)


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