China/Australia: Detained UTS lecturer wants government help to leave China

March 29, 2017

A lawyer for detained University of Technology academic Chongyi Feng has called for the Australian government’s help to get him out of China.

Dr Feng, an associate professor in Chinese studies at the University of Technology Sydney, was on his way back to Australia after completing field work in China when he was stopped by internal security agents from Tianjin — where his Chinese passport is registered.

After Dr Feng was asked to take a lie-detector test, he tried to leave the country but was prevented from boarding flights to Australia. He has been interrogated by the same Chinese internal security agents, his lawyers have said.

Dr Feng was interrogated again yesterday for a number of hours, friends who talked to him said, but he can leave his hotel and make phone calls. He has been warned to co-operate with internal security officers and told not to talk to the media.

Now, in a phone interview with the Chinese language Voice of America network, his lawyer Jinxue Chen suggested only the Australia government or his employers, UTS, could help get the professor out of the country.

“There are actions the Australian government and Mr Feng’s work unit can take, and there are actions we, as Chinese lawyers, cannot take,” he told Voice of America. (**URGENT, PLEASE SIGN!) (VIETNAMESE)


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