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Turkey: 84 lawyers in Istanbul arrested

March 24, 2017

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. published news of arrest of 84 lawyers in Istanbul


14 hil y a 14 heures

2⃣4⃣lawyers were taken into custody and 1⃣0⃣ lawyers were arrested in the province of K.Maras Total 3⃣6⃣8⃣ were arrested

India: Punish lawyers who go on strikes: Law Commission

March 25, 2017

The Law Commission has recommended to the Centre to amend law to ban strikes by lawyers which had reached “terrifying proportions” and make provision for punishing advocates for boycotting court proceedings resulting in wastage of precious judicial time and suffering of litigants.

The commission, headed by former Supreme Court judge Justice B S Chauhan, in its report said there is an urgent need to rein in unscrupulous lawyers and their associations resorting to strike on issues having no relevance to the working of the courts. It suggested the government to bring amendments in Advocates Act for all litigants to claim compensation for loss due to misconduct of lawyers for participating in strike.
It said that Section 7 of the Act should be amended “to make rules to deal with strikes, boycotts or abstentions from courts by the advocates, provide for suitable measures in this regard and to provide for punishments including the punishment of disqualification from contesting any election of Bar Councils or of Bar Associationfor a period of six years.”

“If any person suffers loss due to the misconduct of the advocate or for his participation in strike or otherwise, then, such person may make a claim for compensation against the advocate in the appropriate forum established under any law for the time being in force. The non-payment of fees, either in full or part, by a person to his advocate shall not be a defence available for the advocate against whom such claim for compensation is made,” the report said.









Turkey: The End of the Rule of Law in Turkey

March 24, 2017

Letters in English and in Turkish from the International Association of Judges:

IA letter Turkey_Turkish

IAJ Appeal for Turkey _March 2017




https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201617/cmselect/cmfaff/615/615.pdf (The UK’s Relations With Turkey Report by the UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee.)



Turkey: Assassinated Lawyer Tahir Elçi Remembered

March 24, 2017

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Tahir ELÇİ… 69.hafta…
Diyarbakır Adliyesi – 24.03.2017

(Neşet Girasun Facebook)

Cameroon: Anglophone Crisis: “Untouchable” Akere MUNA Enters And Leaves “Lion’s Den”

March 24, 2017

Renowned Barrister Akere Muna former Batonnier has returned home after he entered the dreaded State Defense Secretariat today where he was quizzed by interrogators for five hours this March 24, 2017.

He arrived SED by 9am and only came out by 2pm.It filtered that5 he was questioned by interrogators his numerous media outings especially an interview granted to Le Jour Newspaper last December 2016 in which it is alleged that he incited secession, rebellion and terrorism.

The summon of Akere MUNA which attracted even international attention  was seen by many as a means by the Government to lay hands on one of the Defense Counsel of arrested Anglophone leaders but his coming out has also been seen by observers as a major victory on the part of the legal luminary. Many say it is like the biblical Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

According to Barrister Ngnie Kamga Jackson, President of the Cameroon Bar who accompanied Barrister Akere MUNA, the response he gave were taken down by interrogators and will hand them over to public Commissioners who will decide whether or not to open trial against him. He said, “Enquiries are being opened against Batonnier Muna in the context you know, what is happening in the North West and South West region. You know there are many people charged in Yaoundé for terrorism, secession among others so he has given explanations on two articles he had published on Le Jour Newspaper; one in December and the other in January. He gave his explanations and we were told to leave the office.”

Lawyers Solidarity

Members of the Cameroon Bar and friends of Barrister Akere MUNA showed up in their numbers to cheer him up. Legal minds came from South West, North West, Littoral, Centre, West and others areas. They also gathered at his Bastos residence after the ‘victory’.




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Statement from Barrister Akere Muna on the events of this week:

On March 20, 2017, I received a summons requiring that I show up to the National Defense Secretariat (SED) on Wednesday, March 23. Due to a prior commitment, I informed the SED of my intention to fulfill my professional commitments in South Africa on that day, offering instead to have the hearing on the morning of Friday, March 24.

I was accompanied to SED on Friday morning by the President of the Cameroon Bar Association, as well as four former presidents of the Bar and many members of the Bar Council. On arrival, I found over a hundred lawyers waiting outside. They waited patiently outside while I was being heard by a Lieutenant of the gendarmerie. These are the charges that were levied against me:

– Hostility toward the homeland
– Advocating terrorism
– Secession
– Revolution
– Insurrection
– Compromising the security of the State

These charges, it would seem, stemmed from the content of articles that I had published in the “Le Jour” daily newspaper. The first article appeared on December 19, 2016, entitled “The Inevitable Nature of Change” in which I examine the futility of resisting change. The second appeared on January 10, 2017, entitled “Cameroon is One and Indivisible: Which Cameroon?” in which I discuss the questions of unity that plague our country.

The investigation, I was informed, was opened at the request of the Commissioner of Government at the Military Tribunal. I responded to all the questions asked truthfully, reaffirming my convictions and standing behind the words I wrote in those articles. After a few hours I was allowed to leave the gendarmerie. The report of the investigation will be transmitted to the commissioner of government.

I am grateful for the outpour of kindness and support that I received from well-wishers both online and off. To those who, fearing for my safety, encouraged me to stay away from Cameroon, I say thank you for your concern, but my conscience is my judge and I believe am not guilty of wrongdoing. I love my country and I will always speak up in the interest of a better tomorrow.

Akere T. Muna

Communiqué du Bâtonnier Akere Muna après les événements de cette semaine:

Le 20 Mars 2017, j’ai reçu une convocation me sommant de me présenter au Secrétariat d’État à la Défense en charge de la Gendarmerie (SED) le Mercredi 22 Mars 2017. Du fait d’engagements pris antérieurement à cette convocation, j’ai été contraint d’informer le SED de mon intention de respecter mes engagements professionnels en Afrique du Sud prévus le même jour et m’empêchant d’honorer ladite convocation à cette date. Je me suis toutefois proposé de me présenter dans ses services une fois de retour au Cameroun, le Vendredi 24 Mars 2017.

Vendredi 24 mars, je me suis rendu au SED accompagné du Bâtonnier de l’Ordre des Avocats du Cameroun, de quatre anciens Bâtonniers du Cameroun, ainsi que de nombreux avocats au Barreau du Cameroun. À mon arrivée, j’ai trouvé plus d’une centaine d’avocats qui attendaient déjà à l’extérieur du SED et qui ont continué d’attendre pendant tout le temps que je me faisais interroger par un lieutenant de la Gendarmerie Nationale. Les accusations portées contre moi sont les suivantes :

– Hostilité contre la patrie
– Apologie du terrorisme
– Sécession
– Révolution
– Insurrection
– Atteinte à la sécurité de l’État

Elles découleraient de deux articles que j’ai écrits et qui ont été publié dans le Quotidien Le Jour. Le premier, publié le 19 Décembre 2016 et intitulé « La Nature Inévitable du Changement », portait sur l’inutilité d’une résistance au changement. Quant au second article, il a été publié le 10 Janvier 2017 sous le titre « Le Cameroun est Un et Indivisible : Quel Cameroun ? ». Il portait notamment sur les questions relatives à l’unité de notre pays.

L’enquête, à proprement parler, a été initiée par le Commissaire du Gouvernement du Tribunal Militaire. J’ai répondu en toute honnêteté à toutes les questions qui m’ont été posées, toujours en réaffirmant tout ce dont je demeure convaincu et défendant mes propos relayés dans les articles de presse précédemment cités. Quelques heures plus tard, j’ai été autorisé à quitter les locaux de la Gendarmerie. Le rapport d’enquête sera transmis au Commissaire du Gouvernement.

Permettez-moi d’exprimer ma gratitude pour les marques d’attention et de soutien dont j’ai pu faire l’objet sur la toile et au-delà. À ceux qui, inquiets pour ma sécurité, m’ont suggéré de rester hors du Cameroun, je vous dis merci de vous être souciés de moi. Cependant, ma conscience demeure mon juge et je suis convaincu de n’avoir commis aucun délit. J’aime mon pays et je continuerai toujours de m’exprimer dans l’intérêt d’un avenir meilleur.

Akere T. Muna

(Akere Muna Facebook)

Burma: Trial Begins for Men Charged in Prominent NLD Lawyer’s Assassination

March 24, 2017

Rangoon’s Northern District Court commenced examination of the assassination of prominent lawyer U Ko Ni as the trial began on Friday.

Among multiple offenses the alleged suspects were charged with, the trial opened with illegal arms possession and transportation charges against the gunman and one of the alleged co-perpetrators.

According to the police report, two of the suspects; gunman Kyi Lin and an alleged co-conspirator Aung Win Zaw, are being charged under Article 19(d) and (f) of the country’s 1878 Arms Act, in addition to Article 302 of the Penal Code for homicide.

Defense attorney U Aung Khaing, who represented Aung Win Zaw in court, examined the Mingalardon Township police official Mya Tun Kyaw who submitted the case, regarding the arms offense with which his client is charged.

U Aung Khaing told The Irrawaddy that there was no police report showing that the guns and bullets seized from the shooter Kyi Lin were associated with his client Aung Win Zaw.

Without such a police statement, Aung Win Zaw could not be indicted on charges of illegal arms possession or transportation, according to his attorney.