Cameroon: Additional suspects added in terrorism case against Anglophone activists

March 23, 2017


The state prosecutor in Cameroon asked a military tribunal in Yaoundé on Thursday to add a number of extra people to a terrorism case involving three Anglophone activists, a lawyer has told RFI. Human rights lawyer Felix Agbor Balla, university lecturer Fontem Neba and radio host Mancho Bibixy have pleaded not guilty to terrorism. They were involved in organising protests in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions over perceived marginalisation by the Francophone government.

The prosecutor requested that the court add “about 25 people” to the case against the three activists, according to lawyer Evaristus Morfaw. The so-called Joinder of Parties process involves adding extra defendants to a case after a complaint has been filed.

“The defence counsel objected to it – the parties were not the same, the dates of commission of the offences were not the same – some of these people were arrested when the others were already charged and arraigned before the court and they took their plea,” said Morfaw. “It would be wrong to join them with people who have been brought to court afresh.”

Barrister Agbor Nkongho on his way to the military tribunal earlier today.




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