Cameroon: CLLs enroute to defend Anglophone leaders Yaounde severely beaten.

March 22, 2017 is getting confirmed reports that a group of Common lawyers enroute to the nations capital yaounde to defend their colleague Bar Kongho Felix Agbor and anglophone leaders  at the military court  have been  severely beaten by forces on the regime.

The Anglophone lawyer’s from Buea on their way to Yaounde to defend our leaders were followed by LRC forces right from Buea .They cheated death  after been attacked and severely beaten on the highway between Douala and Yaounde .All of them escaped each one not knowing the way about one another.

According to the our source himself a lawyer who was in a second car, two private cars had left Buea and the one which was ahead was attacked, the second  only discover their colleagues car  by the road and  stop .The attackers had left .They were stoped by security forces and beaten ,says a lawyer desperately lying at the scene.As we write there is desperate attempt to make sure all car 1 occupants are found and save.

The lawyers have still insisted in completing their journey to defend the consortium leaders due in court march 23rd.It is our understanding that Militarized  reinforcement has been called at the capital of the SouthWest region against any reaction for the population .

Inner City Press asked UN about arresting former UN Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, France letting itself off the hook




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