Pakistan: Islamabad lawyers thrash cop, then go on strike

March 20, 2017

The Express Tribune

Fists went flying in an Islamabad district court when a group of lawyers thrashed a policeman who was testifying before a judge.

ASI Javed Sultan of the Margalla police had been summoned by Judicial Magistrate Jawad Hussain Adil after a lawyer filed a complaint claiming that the official had misbehaved with him.

On the night of March 14, the policeman had stopped a lawyer riding on a motorbike near the Faisal Mosque for spot checking. When the lawyer, Imdadullah, could not produce registration papers for the bike, following standard operating procedures, Sultan took the lawyer to the local police station and impounded the bike. It was returned to the lawyer the next day after the lawyer brought the registration papers for the vehicle.

Imdadullah then filed a complaint before a magistrate claiming that the policeman had misbehaved with him and had called him names.

Magistrate Jawad Hussain Adil admitted the lawyer’s application and summoned the policeman on March 18.



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