Cameroon: ‘Your Children Will Die if You Don’t Stop’

March 13, 2017

Human Rights Watch

Michel Togué, a lawyer in the African country of Cameroon, has received death threats for defending lesbians and gays.

This one, like the others, came anonymously  “We know that your wife is now shopping in the mall. We know your children are now standing in front of their school. They will die if you don’t stop.”

After the death threats began, he requested help from the Lawyer’s Association in his country, but their president said: “Stop defending the LGBT community and you won’t have problems anymore.”

Togué filed a complaint with the police, but they laughed him away, saying, “Don’t defend those faggots.” He did not receive any protection.

On March 13 Togué, together with his colleague Alice Nkom, will receive the prestigious Dutch Geuzenpenning Award 2017 in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands for their courageous work. We know just how courageous they have been and how well-deserved this award is because Human Rights Watch has collaborated with these lawyers for years and documented how dangerous it is to be gay or lesbian in Cameroon.

 … (NEDERLANDS) (On March 13, 2017 two Cameroon lawyers received the Dutch “Geuzenpenning”, a recognition for important work for democracy and human rights. The two lawyers Michel Togué and Alice Nkom defend people that are prosecuted because of their homosexuality, they continue their work under constant threats.)

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Maandagmiddag 13 maart – Uitreiking Geuzenpenning in de Grote Kerk.

(Vlaardings Nieuws Facebook)



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