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Turkey: La scure di Erdogan contro gli avvocati: alla sbarra i difensori dei diritti curdi



La delegazione del Cnf al processo KCK contro i legali del leader curdo Öcalan. Poi l’incontro con la redazione del quotidiano “Cumhuriyet” finito nel mirino del regime

A poche settimane dal referendum che potrebbe consentire al sistema di Erdogan di chiudere il cerchio, concentrando nelle mani del presidente poteri di fatto assoluti, in Turchia non si ferma la macchina della repressione nella cornice autoritaria dello stato d’emergenza che ha portato all’arresto di migliaia di persone sospettate di far parte del movimento gulenista ritenuto responsabile del presunto fallito golpe di luglio e alla chiusura di centinaia di giornali, tv, radio e siti web.

Tra i casi più lampanti, anche se meno illuminati di altri dai riflettori dell’informazione, c’è la guerra sferrata dal sultano di Ankara contro gli avvocati e i difensori dei diritti e le loro associazioni come OHD (Avvocati per la Libertà) e CHD (Avvocati  Progressisti), in prima linea da moltissimi anni per la difesa dei diritti umani in Turchia. 

Emblematico in tal senso il processo che dal 2011 vede alla sbarra 46 legali curdi, accusati di fiancheggiare niente di meno che il terrorismo separatista. Gli imputati sono legati all’Unione delle Comunità del Kurdistan (KCK), che è considerata dal governo turco come organizzazione terroristica affiliata al PKK.

La maggior parte di loro faceva parte del collegio difensivo di Abdullah Öcalan, il leader curdo che si trova in isolamento totale nella prigione dell’isola di Ismarili. Secondo i Pm gli imputati avrebbero trasferito le istruzioni di Öcalan ai suoi sostenitori.



Thailand: Keep Somchai from the black hole of history

March 11, 2017

‘Top Muslim lawyer disappears. Believed abducted for opposing martial law,” read a headline in this newspaper 13 years ago.

On March 12, 2004, Somchai Neelapaijit was last seen in Ramkhamhaeng. Eyewitnesses saw four men drag him from his car. No one has seen him since. Tomorrow marks the 13th anniversary of his disappearance — isn’t that oxymoronic, an anniversary of something invisible, for someone who wasn’t here?

Or maybe he is. To remember is to make someone exist. To forget is to condemn him to the dustbin of memory, to collective oblivion.

Every year friends and family organise an event to remember Mr Somchai. Today people are gathering at the Pridi Banomyong Institute in Thong Lor for “Somchai Where? Where’s Somchai?”, held not just to honour him with memory but also to reflect on the way justice works, or doesn’t work, in cases of human rights violations and enforced disappearances. The event includes the announcement of the Somchai Neelapaijit Award for human rights defenders.

Mr Somchai had been working in law for 30 years and, at the time of his disappearance, was representing five Muslim suspects allegedly involved in the army camp raid in Narathiwat in January 2004, the incident that blew up into the interminable unrest in the far South. He was also vociferous in his call for the army to end martial law in the troubled region, which remains in effect today.



Azerbaijan: Activists targeted by ‘government-sponsored’ cyber attack

March 10, 2017

Azeri human rights activists, journalists and political dissidents have been the targets of a fraudulent and sustained ‘spear phishing’ campaign using emails and Facebook chat, apparently aimed at gaining access to their personal information and private communications, said Amnesty International in a new report launched today.

The investigation reveals that the attacks, which can compromise passwords and contacts, have been directed at various government critics for the past 13 months. Victims told Amnesty International they believed the Azerbaijani authorities are behind the attacks.

“Our research reveals that a targeted and coordinated cyber campaign is being waged against critical voices in Azerbaijan, many of whom are long-time victims of government repression,” said Claudio Guarnieri, Senior Technologist at Amnesty International.

“The malware used has been designed with the express intention of gathering as much private information as possible about a target. Given the profiles of those targeted, it is not hard to see why victims believe the authorities are responsible.”

One victim was the lawyer and human rights activist Rasul Jafarov, who was alerted to the attack when he received a phone call from a colleague in October 2016 warning him that he had been sent an email and attachment from an address very similar to his.

A former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, Rasul Jafarov has previously spent more than a year and a half in prison on trumped-up, politically motivated charges stemming from his human rights work.

He told Amnesty International: “I believe that [the Azerbaijani authorities] are trying to closely watch everyone who is criticizing the government, who is implementing different activities, or projects or campaigns which the government doesn’t like.”


Iran: Talk about Imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer Abdolfattah Soltani March 9-11, 2017

March 9, 2017

کارزار باهم برای آزادی
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Turkey: Communiqué procès du KCK2 audience du 9/03/2017

le 9 mars, 2017


Depuis juillet 2012, 46 avocats sont accusés de terrorisme  pour avoir défendu l’opposant kurde Ocalan.
Il leur est reproché d’avoir diffusé des informations données par leurs clients lors des rendez-vous alors que tous ces entretiens étaient enregistrés et se déroulaient en présence de gardiens en violation de la règle de confidentialité.
D’audience en audience , cette procédure est maintenue depuis cinq ans .  Les avocats comparaissaient une nouvelle fois ce 9/03/2017 devant la 19e chambre criminelle de la cour d’Istanbul.

Malheureusement le dossier pénal du président qui a instruit ce dossier dès 2011 et qui se trouve aujourd’hui incarcéré notamment pour falsification de preuve , n’a toujours pas été versée à la procédure malgré une décision en ce sens le 14 novembre 2016.
Le dossier a donc été renvoyé à l’audience du 6 juillet 2017 à 14h pour obtention de ces  pièces. Les délégations d’avocats européens restent  très vigilants  et mobilisés.

conférence des bâtonnier de France  et d’outre-mer
La conférence régionale des bâtonniers du Grand Ouest
L’observatoire international des avocats en danger
Défense sans frontières -avocats solidaires
Barreaux d’Aix-en-Provence , Bordeaux , Brest Clermont-Ferrand , Grenoble , Hauts-de-Seine Paris, Saint-Brieuc  , Rennes , Toulouse .