Turkey: Don’t jail Eren Keskin

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Eren Keskin has been prosecuted over 100 times for daring to speak out

Lawyer and former newspaper editor Eren Keskin has been a vocal critic of the Turkish state for decades.

A speech she made 11 years ago has angered the authorities. In it, she accused the state of “slaughtering a 12-year-old child”: Uğur Kaymaz.

To Eren, the 2004 killing of this boy by the army is one of many stains on Turkey’s history – a history she says the authorities need to be held accountable for.

For this and articles published in a Kurdish newspaper she edited, she has been repeatedly charged with insulting the Turkish state and the President.

Eren has been hauled before the courts more than 100 times because of her outspoken stand on the plight of Turkey’s Kurdish minority. In 1995, she spent six months in jail simply for using the word “Kurdistan” in an article. The sheer volume of cases against her are nothing short of harassment.

Eren’s only crime has been to speak out against injustice. And time is running out for her. More trials mean she could be jailed at any time, for a long time.


Eren è stata portata in tribunale oltre 100 volte perché le sue battaglie danno fastidio al governo della Turchia. Ha già trascorso sei mesi in prigione solo perché ha usato la parola “Kurdistan” in un articolo. Noi siamo al fianco delle donne come Eren, l’8 marzo e tutti i giorni http://j.mp/2mmc02b (Amnesty International – Italia Facebook)



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