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Turkey: Turkey Referred To UN Security Council Over Arrested Judge Of UN Legal Panel

March 6, 2017

Turkey is infringing the judicial independence of a United Nations (UN) war crimes tribunal by holding one of its judges in prison despite an order to release him, the court ruled on Monday, referring the matter to the UN Security Council.

The UN court had earlier ordered Ankara to release Judge Aydın Sefa Akay, a Turkish national who was arrested last year on suspicion of involvement in failed coup attempt against Turkey’s government on July 15, 2016.

Akay, a judge on the Mechanism for the International Criminal Tribunals (MICT), had been due to hear a request for the case of a 1994 Rwandan genocide convict to be reopened.

MICT had ordered Turkey to release judge Akay who is among thousands of people arrested over their alleged links to the faith-based Gülen movement in the aftermath of the failed coup. MICT had ordered Ankara to free Judge Aydın Sefa Akay by Feb. 14 and halt legal proceedings against him.







China: ‘In the Event That I Lose My Freedom’: A Statement by Lawyer Chen Jiangang

March 4, 2017


1.   I cherish life. I want to live to see the universal values of democracy, liberty, rule of law, and human rights realized in China. I want to see a constitutional system of government established in China. If these things don’t happen I’ll die without peace. I cherish my family. I want to see my children grow and live in freedom and health. For all these reasons, I will not kill myself. If something unexpected happens to me, please know that it will absolutely not be because I committed suicide.

2.  I have committed no crime. I will never, of my own volition, assent to any illegal interrogation, and nor will I level false charges against or attempt to frame anyone. Any written, oral, or video confession, self-degradation, or accusation against other people will only have been made under the circumstances that I have been deprived of liberty, am under duress, or am being tortured and threatened. Those are the only circumstances under which I could be forced to say such things, and none of them will be true.

3.  I’m simply a man of flesh and blood. If I’m put to the agonies of torture, I cannot guarantee that I will not submit. Through my years of work as a defense lawyer, I have learned of many cases of torture in China and the unspeakable cruelty involved. If I am tortured and made to submit, everything I say will be made up. None of it can be taken as evidence toward the accusation, conviction, or defamation of any person.

4.  If I lose my freedom and end up on television revealing the name of any of my friends, please forgive me. Those won’t be my own words or my will. By that stage I will have been turned into nothing but a prop. Please forgive me.

5.  I take complete responsibility for every character in the two transcripts I made of the meetings with Xie Yang (谢阳), as well as for any other transcripts that have not yet been made public.

‘In the Event That I Lose My Freedom’: A Statement by Lawyer Chen Jiangang