Cameroon: Protesters gather to support Cameroon

February 26, 2017


On Sunday, Cameroonians along the Front Range gathered in Aurora to show support for their loved ones enduring crisis at home.

Southwest Cameroon is going on more than a month without internet after the government shut of its access in January.

The move came as a tipping point in a longstanding crisis between the country’s French government and the country’s only English-speaking region.

The recent internet shutdown has hurt local businesses in the southwestern portion of Cameroon where several tech start-ups have thrived. It has also stymied local markets as ATM’s and banks have shutdown as a result.

“It was very tricky, I was in a war zone,” Harmony Bobga said. “It’s scary. I had to go underground.”

Bobga, a human rights lawyer in Cameroon, fled his native country in January once a warrant was issued for his arrest. It came only months after smuggling his daughter to neighboring Nigeria as a way to avoid the rampant raping and killings

“It’s not simply our culture is at stake,” Bobga said. “For 56 years there has been a programmed annihilation of our culture.” (FRANCAIS)




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